Sometimes I wonder..

December 14, 2015 at 2:43 pm | Posted in Introspection, Just Like That, Thoughts | 3 Comments

.. if compassion is natural human emotion

.. why is it missing in few people

..can it be learned or unlearned

Sometimes I wonder..

.. What amount of sensitivity and compassion is good

..Am I more sensitive for the job that I am in

Sometimes I wonder..

Why is the right thing to do , is not always the right thing to do.




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  1. Sometimes I wonder.. about these same questions you have asked today..
    Compassion, is so inborn in many, it flows naturally for them
    But then move on the other side, and not a trickle of it in another set! Sometimes I wonder.. is this really true, or is it the way I am thinking that is the misfit.
    Sometimes I wonder, I may be crazy.. to think in these two ways.. !

    • Nice extension to the post ..true ..I also think I may be crazy 🙂

      • Somewhere on my blog, I remember writing a post starting with sometimes I wonder as part of a meme.. 🙂

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