Back to our roots ..for good

August 31, 2012 at 4:06 pm | Posted in Introspection, Society | 5 Comments

Sometime back I did this post about how we , this generation , has been moving from some good practices to bad ones , just in an attempt to become cool.

Today I recalled this after reading a discussion on a face book group , about cloth diapers and sanitary pads 🙂

Do you remember those triangular pieces of clothes that were used before tinycare and pampers days ?

Do you remember the cotton pads between old cloth / gauze that our moms made once in a month..when carefree was unaffordable and ultrathins unimaginable ?

Those days are back for good , however this time in style. And we are soon going to adapt those practices again , coz the west has already started doing so 🙂

Check out these links

Don’t they look COOL !



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  1. Totally with u on this; we do many things just bcoz they seem cooler!
    Those clean cotton nappies are so good for the kiddos. yes yes, I remember them 😀

    • And much more hygienic too. Earlier when the kids wore home made nappies, as soon as they were wet with susu, they were discarded and a new nappy was used. But now-a-days, the huggies and mamy poco pants are in and a child keeps on wearing it for 2-4 hours or more despite the susu (as they are absorbent variety). Have heard of kids having rashes and infections because of this… The cloth nappies are good but not too comfortable for the mother… so we use the huggies and their brethren!

      • The diapers surely make our life easy when going out. But ofcourse , however good quality they may be ..I am sure kids wont be too happy to wear them all the time ..I mean can we imagine ourselves in place of the baby ?? So my kids dont wear any at home unless its an absolute need.

  2. well its a circle, it all comes back 🙂

    • So true !

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