What do you do when ..

August 23, 2012 at 5:03 pm | Posted in Fun Stuff, What do you do when | 11 Comments

You have last piece of your favourite sweet and 2 contenders..you and your 6 year old ?



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  1. ooops tought, But i will eat it myself 🙂 I know I am cruel he hehe

  2. hheehe…eat it yourself. The 6 year old can be made happy with another candy 😀 😀 😀 (selfish mommy speaking)

  3. Since its a sweet, I would never be a contender 😛 😛
    So, what did u do – share? 😉

  4. Share with a sigh!! I have a BIG sweet tooth! 😀

  5. Split it equally 😀

  6. Well ..I did share ..but dont ask me in what ratio 😀 Don’t you think a bigger body deserves more food 😛

  7. Aie, je déteste une fois de plus cette boite à rythme boum boum entendue partout. Non je n’aime décidément pas ce tournant ‘Dance 90′, parce que c’est pas de l’electro prit ces dernières anapHes  ©yÃnepa

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