How do you decide your passwords ?

July 23, 2012 at 2:18 pm | Posted in Just Like That | 9 Comments

No no , not asking about those password changing rules , like it should be alpha numeric , 8 charaters long etc.

Every 3 weeks or so the machine prompts us to change passwords. These cannot be repeated for a very long time. And obviously we need to remember them too. So they should be sensible yet no obvious kinds.

So how do you decide those kind of passwords ? Do you keep names of friends as passwords ? Do generate a random string and store it somewhere ? Do they reflect your mood ?

Mine do. My passwords reflect my mood on the day I change them. They will be happy / sad / abstract / philosphical based on my mood. 

So can you guess what’s my current password, that I changed today 🙂

 P.S : I resigned from my current company today.

Also , here is a post about Aryan’s 6th Birthday Party :





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  1. This is what I have done a1b2c3d4$ N..

    The N keeps changing from 1 to 100.. and so on.. We have this problem too every 30 days the password has to be changed , and If i dont use a system for more then 7 days in a row , I have to change the password..

    I been working for ZILLION years now so you can imaginve i have done a lot of combinations.. all the best

    Oh you resigned .. hmm Well Take care and all the best for the next job ..

    and Happy birthday to Aryan’s , many happy returns of the day

    • Thats a nice idea ..we had a system which did not allow the new password to be partly same as the old one ..good that u dont have that.
      Thanks for you best wishes and bday wishes

  2. My system is to use a constant (like say “abcdef”) and append that to the year. So the password would be “abcdef!2012$$” where $$ is between 01-04 for 4 password changes a year (or 01-12 for monthly changes). The ! sign is because many websites demand a special character.

    This way I generally get it right within 2-3 attempts even if I forget the exact password.

    More confused? 🙂

    • No no ..i actually like the year idea ! And even my passwords have an ” ! ” appended at the end ..even when its a sad phrase ..for the obvious reason u stated 🙂

  3. Your current password would be something similar to “toomuchonmymind” or “excitedlynervous” 😀

    • wow they are nice ones ..will try these next time 😉

  4. being an it manager would suggest something like the one said sabove

  5. try google baba might have a password generator. Happy birthday to Aryan.

  6. Joining a new job?

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