Temper Tantrums

July 12, 2011 at 10:32 am | Posted in Introspection, Pregnancy | 5 Comments


Yeah , its not Aryan’s. I am talking about myself. I feel suddenly I have lost my patience. I shout and cry and crib at drop of hat. I shout a lot at Aryan. I do not know if he is doing something wrong or its me who is over reacting because things were just perfect about a month back. I think it has started with July. These days whatever he does , irritates me. With a new baby coming soon, I should be more patient , especially with Aryan. Hence this loss of patience is worrying me. Aryan does his wee bit to make me feel worse. Yesterday he told me , you are always polite with baby and angry with me. When I asked , I am not even talking to baby , when did you see me being polite with baby , he came up with a 2 days old incident when the baby was really active and I had a hand on my stomach and I told the baby to sleep.

I hope things will improve. May be I am stressed about a lot of things to do in this month and months that follow and little physical strength. Hope August will make me feel better.



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  1. Cute about Aryan saying that. OMG you will be in trouble in a few months from now. 😉 Take it easy and do not try to be a super mom atleast now. Take care of yourself. Sure enough about the temper pangs, we are all in for it at every point. Now atleast you have the hormones to blame, but i don’t know what i should blame since i have been acting this way on and off, though i tell myself to calm down. You will be ok.

  2. I think its a mix of lot of things:

    1. Your house move.
    2. Your pregnancy and the physical and mental strain it brings.
    3. The kids too get a little difficult around this age.

    So I guess its perfectly normal…yes we need to be more patient but then we are human beings too.

  3. I am sailing in similar boat as you my dear friend..I hope we practice some patience real soon 🙂

  4. Hugss!

  5. First, and above all else, be nice to yourself. If you have such high expectations of self even before the child is around, what happens when you are saddled with yours, Aryan’s and the baby’s? Please take care of yourself. If you are irritable, it could (and most likely is) the harmones. Ask someone from the family to help by keeping Aryan engaged and involved. Speak with Aryan about himself in the womb – did he kick a lot? did he ask for milk? was he a nughty infant? He will begin to connect with the child as himself.. and of course, follow mad momma’s advice. It is very sage.

    But above all else, take care!

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