What do you do when..

June 2, 2011 at 12:22 pm | Posted in What do you do when | 5 Comments

..you are looking for a job and someone forward’s you a job opening matching your profile , but incidently you already have received the same opening from elsewhere ?

..Do you thank the some one for their thoughtfulness ?

..Do you let the someone know , I already have received this one , your effort was not needed /worthless ?



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  1. I would go with first one..

    • me too!

  2. Go with option one and if the forwarding person was not a head-hunter I would not reveal that I knew about it and would add that I am going to go ahead and apply for it.

    That way the next time the person comes across a position he/she does not discount you for it (it is likely that you do not notice/see that one). That way you keep a well-wisher.

    • 🙂 I am the someone here ..and I feel pissed off when I think about them and send them the openings and they reply with , “oh i already got it” while when they dont already get it , they dont even send a thank you 😛

  3. I feel your pain and frustration ! Some ppl are so ungrateful.

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