How do I buy books for Aryan ?

May 26, 2010 at 10:45 am | Posted in Books, Parenting | 8 Comments

I got a mail yesterday asking me about how I introduced books to my son and how I plan his book reading. I realized that I just never gave it too much of thought. It happened quite naturally for me. Though I do not know if I did right or wrong , let me put up my reply to her here :

I never planned my kid’s book reading much. I just did simple things. I went to landmark and bought 4-8 books at a time , every 6 months or so. I provided variety , with simple story books which he reads with me , sticker books , colouring books , magic scratch pads.

About his first books , I remember buying a Pooh board book , because pooh has been his favourite character , a Animal picture board book (Navneet) because Animals fascinate kids and a sticker book. The sticker book was done in a day. The animal book was a daily routine , where he would point at a animal and ask what it was and I would tell him and it slowly went vice versa. The Pooh bear book was again a bed time reading book where I started not by reading but showing the pictures and slowly started reading.

My son is not a bookworm but he likes books. We usually read daily at bedtime but there have been phases when he doesnot want to touch books for a month or so. Then I realize that its time for new ones πŸ™‚

Thats all I have been doing.

Recently though we bought some books from the book fair. We got a lot of variety there and Aryan enjoyed those books a LOT , especially the CBT and Pratham books.

Also I have enrolled to a library for myself and they have quite a many kids books too , so I am planning to introduce the concept of library books to him as well from this month.

Plus I have to see some Tulika books asap. Have been wanting to grab some for long time after reading so much about them.

Also , I would like to mention , buying books for kids doesnot means investing lots of money. I realized that only when I started buying. There are a lot of thin , nice and economical books available for kids. Navneet, Vikas , CBT , Dreamland , Sterling, Pratham and Tulika (I dont have any Tulika 😦 though) are some of the names.

What are your thoughts ?



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  1. Yes i agree to your style of introducing books to kids. I did the same..just bought books for Prisha and kept them there – she picks up on her own…looks at pics, gets excited and asks for another book. There are times when she wants me to read her the same book everyday for weeks on. In the beginning i just tell her the story based on pictures in the book, slowly i get into reading it as it is actually written there in the book. Also, there are phases when she does not want a book at all.
    Then i bring some colorful, bright shiny book.
    But honestly, i do want to put in more conscious efforts into developing her reading habits.

    • yeah even i feel I shd work harder for his reading habit

  2. Oh I have been reading to ojas since he was a couple of days old… ofcourse he could hardly understand anything then but reading is a habit so close to my heart that I wanted to make sure he develops it πŸ˜‰ at about 6 months or so he clearly started showing preference in what books he likes and as far as I can remember there hasnt been a day when we have been at home and he has not read a book…he loves them (I am secrelty very happy :D:D)

    and as for selecting books I pick up as and when I like something… I have books for him from dr sesus to tullika (which are awesome BTW)and the cartoon characters…. flip books work very well with him… so do books with lots of pictures

    What I also do is rotate books… pack them and bring them out couple of months later again and they become new for him πŸ˜‰

    • I rotate books as well ..rotation is key with books and toys both. You started reading when he was couple of days old !

  3. I agree that reading habit must be introduced to children early in life. the best way would be to introduce them to a library rather than buy the books. that way they undersatnd the importance of keeping them safe as well. my daughter is just 1 year old and i have introduced my daughter to a books & toys libray called Sparkles in bannerghatta road near reliance mart. they have good collection of interesting books for kids. she just loves going to the lib. we make sure to get a new book every third day. contact number 9632506806

    • Library is good idea ofcourse but bannergatta road is far for us ..may be others who read may use this info πŸ™‚

  4. I totally agree to what u have written..Even I am in the same situation. I totally get confused when I get books for aryan. I should make a consicous effort…to buy good books, at appropriate time and sit with him and encoutage him to read…

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