None of my business though :P

May 19, 2010 at 3:21 pm | Posted in Thoughts, Women | 16 Comments

I do not know how this post will be taken by everyone , especially by women. I know what others wear is none of my business. I know what IHM says is true that a woman should be able to decide what she wants to wear and should wear whatver she is comfortable with. And yet I am writing this.I almost fumed twice at 2 different women at the choice of their T-shirts at public places.

A women in a government office , in a queue , with heavy bust and T shirt which said “Squeeze me”.

Another one in a public gym with a T-shirt which had 2 big humps (speed breakers) at the most apt place and it read , “Careful , bumps ahead”.

What are these women trying to say. That they don’t care. Or that they are modern. Or that they are feminist ?

Personally I do not feel that it was sensible dressing. I think what we wear should be our choice and decision. But as adults we should be responsible with our dressing. We should wear whats apt for a situation , venue and occasion. Just saying that its my will and being rebellious will not change the things. I did a post sometime back against having dress code in offices , because I feel as responsible adults we should be able to decide that ourselves. Wearing appropriate clothes at appropriate places and carrying sensibily what we are wearing , will only enhance our femininity.

Okay done go on ..ready for your bashing.



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  1. He he I am with u .. so no bashing πŸ˜‰
    We cn def. hv freedom to choose what we wear, but I feel its nice to be sensible and also dress accordingly. Not one like that at-least when u r in such a place .. plssss!

    • Truly my namesake πŸ™‚

  2. add low hip jeans to that list. augh!

    • πŸ™‚

  3. I would stand by the freedom/choice to decide what to wear. Obviously, some people may make the wrong choices, some clothes might not be tasteful(according to others), but again, that is the wearer’s choice. Of course, one should make a sensible choice, but does that mean that just because some people decide not to make sensible choices, that freedom is not right?

    For instance, I am not too fond of men/boys wearing jeans that slip down to reveal their boxers – but does that mean that the freedom that they have is wrong?

    In the same way, if I find something tasteless, I will avert my eyes, or decide never ever to wear something like that, and that would be the extent of my reaction.

    And personally, I don’t think the women were being ‘feminist’ or anything, they are probably just misguided .

    • Ohh obviously nothing against their freedom..but just trying to understand their thought process

  4. I think its left to the person’s choice to weat what they want… BUT, I do agree when you say that we need to make that choice responsibly.
    And we all know how our society functions and whatever steps we take to enforce our will against the society it should be done wisely…

    • Very true ..we just cant rebel for whatever reasons

  5. He he ! I am different here.
    like I told you earlier, I do believe that dress code in offices helps drive some sense into careless irresponsible people. So I am all for it
    As for public places, what do I say! Sheer nonsense. Laughing stock is what they are making of themselves.

    • Whatsinaname but who should decide what the ideal, appropriate and responsible dress code is?

      We have people like Meeta Jamal (A Kanpur, college principal) – who feel jeans should be banned (only for girls), Pramod Muthalik and Murli Manohar Joshi agree with her, Naqvi disapproves of lipsticks and powder, Sri Ram Sene and a lot of European governments disapprove of Burka and scarves, many places ban and disapprove of saree (In Punjab and in Pakistan) and a lot of traditional Indian families dislike salwar kurta.
      Now some people just like all these people are going to make the acceptable Dress Code too?

      Do you think some people will be able to decide what is what is appropriate for other or all the people?

      I feel they should set some guidelines at the most and let people decide what works for them.

  6. Yes, I too feel that it is their choice and it is up to them to handle consequences/ people’s reaction.

  7. ok smitha said it all beautifully… i echo her… even if its a bad choice (and that according to us) its their choice and we are no one to judge it

  8. oh i quite like t shirts that are about the.. errm.. assets. since most men talk to them anyway… why not?

    i think they r cheeky and quite fun.

    do u realis that big busted women r so used to having ppl talk to their chest that thay might as well put the msg there πŸ˜‰

  9. i think HDWK got it right!

    i think such message tees are just meant to be TP.


  10. I feel it’s perfectly fine for you to dislike the T shirts they wore – because you are not forcing them to change. And they should not expect you to wear the kind of clothes you don’t like to wear either – that is fine too πŸ™‚

    About the messages on their T shirts – I would simply smile, the messages are meant to be funny and they do not hurt anybody.

    I find sexist or communal messages or even jokes against any community in bad taste because they reinforce negative stereotypes and they might hurt – but much as I dislike them, just like you, I too would not demand a ban on them. πŸ™‚

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