Sorry Dr. Weiss..

May 6, 2010 at 3:02 pm | Posted in Books | 2 Comments

..but I am disappointed. I read your first book about 5 years back and recommended it to every possible person. I really really loved Many Lives Many Masters for several reasons. But recently I picked up your third book. And I am sorry to say that I loved nothing about it except the title, Only love is real. The title was great and the thought was great too but the book isn’t. Its repeatative. In most of your book you talk about Many Lives Many Masters , about your son and about Catherine. We had already read all of that in previous books. You had a new story to tell but you failed to concentrate on that. Perhaps you did not have enough words for the new story to shape it in a book and hence you said all that you said earlier as well. Also right when the new story is on full bloom I realized that its already over. You ended it so abruptly. In the entire book you kept mentioning that Pedro and Elizabeth knew each other as souls but you failed to portray that connection in an impactful way.

Now you may say that you are not a story teller and that your books are based of your experiences. But then no one wants to read the same experiences twice in 2 different books.

I do not recommend “Only Love is real” to people who have read “Many Lives Many Masters” since there is nothing new to read here.

And I do not recommend “Only Love is real” to people who have NOT read “Many Lives Many Masters” because its better you read MLMM and be done. MLMM was a better read any day.



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  1. I know hw much u luv the title 🙂

  2. I read many lives many masters it was a good read but somehow didnt make me believe in it

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