Where do you donate clothes ?

March 26, 2010 at 9:44 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 29 Comments

What do you do with your old clothes, clothes which are not really torn or worn but are off size ? If you donate , then where ?

The questions are directed to all , but I request Bangaloreans to come with specific details.

I have donated clothes and toys a few times , when office had organised collection center for goonj. After that I thought of donating directly at goonj collection center but no one actually picks phone there and so I do not know if that really exists.



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  1. I give away most of our clothes too before they r worn out … so that ppl cn actually wear them. Usually, I make parts … watchman, maid, garbage collector and iron woman and give it away. In Blr, Mom always took charge .. its only here that I am incharge. So, will ask her and get back to u πŸ™‚
    But I do know Ramakrishna Ashrama in Sivanahalli used to collect such things and distribute among the poor. Will get back with contact details πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Swaram thats really helps ..I cannot always donate clothes to the helpers at home , since both of us are tall and broad πŸ˜› and not everyone can fit in our clothes πŸ™‚ Aryan’s clothes I usually donate to ppl with small kids.

  2. well mostly I do what swaram does… partly to maid, malli, security guards of the colony and ojas stuff goes to SOS village

    having said that last time I gave it to goong and there is a huge pile lying at home and specially ojas’s old toys and clothes since i havent had the time to go to SOS

    did u read this BTW – http://indiahelps.blogspot.com/2010/03/would-you-like-to-start-collection.html?

    I am thinking of starting one in my complex may be then u can come and drop πŸ™‚

    • That would be awesome ! πŸ˜€

  3. I do the same… partly to the maids here in Bangalore and Mysore. Some to the watchman’s daughter…
    But, I am not too happy to give stuff away to them… the Blind school in Indiranagar takes anything in good condition.
    My sister and her friend – they donated old clothes, a desk, cushions all to them and it was worth it.

    Will get back to you with their address… I need to go and give old clothes too and I dont want to give the maid everything…

    • thanks πŸ™‚

  4. I donate most of the clothes to my maids including her family members, some to gardner, dhobi, guards. I also give some of the clothes to the helpers/maids working at my parents and in-laws.

    • ohh i do all the above

  5. Like the comments above, there are many worthy recepients all around us.. in India there is no dearth of people who could do with clothes that have some life left in them. We have never had a problem with finding someone.. maid, security, plumber, newpaper boy, milkman, maali, car wash man, cable guy or any person who one thinks can do with some clothes. None of these people would throw them away even they are not of the right size.. they would find someone in their family or neighbourhood who could use some clothes.

    • True Mr Joshi..I give to ppl who can fit in them ..never thought of giving bad fit clothes to anyone ..my maid is half my size and so i thought it wud be bad to give her my clothes.

  6. we kept thinking about Goonj and never ended up doing it. took the wole pile to Child care India. They have some older kids and people too who might be able to use them. or they will do something so that it helps the organization.

    i mailed everyone the details just today! πŸ™‚ they dont have a website and all but they are doing really good work! πŸ™‚


  7. apart from that ofcos we give it to amma, her daughters, kachra anuty etc if they are ok taking it.

  8. Hi ,

    I usually carry a cover with some old sheets or shawls etc in the car and on the roadside if happen to see any poor people give them. Then there r many orphanages around ,the one i donate is a hiv kids place in hennur.Thy have kids from the age of 1 month to bigger kids and always short of dresses.


  9. Nisha’s got a good idea. My mom organizes a Narayan Seva every month wherein she goes and distributes food and clothes (whenever she gets enough) to slum people. My problem solved πŸ™‚ You might have them in Bangalore too. The Sri Satya Sai seva Organization.

    • ok..will find out..thanks anyways

  10. The best way to utilise the old clothes is to give them away as most of them said..its good to distribute them between maid servant etc another good approach could be..find the beggers nearby temples and give them away !

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  12. I usually give it in Rukum blind school in Indira nagar. you can just go there and drop all clothes in a box which they arrange for collection.

  13. I choose to donate my old clothes to charitable organization than to sell it. It makes me feel good to help others.

  14. Hi,
    I would really apreciate if someone has clothes and toys for a four year old girl who dont want and would like to donate it to me because i do have a four year old girl and dont have clothes and toys for her because. I am a single mom and my finance are too low. I am from mexico my mail is gloria020283@hotmail.com

  15. Hello.my name is andreea and im from romania.i have a little boy.1year and 11 mounths.we will accet all of kind of donations,clothis,shos,toys,milk,cereals,everithing what we can use.till 4-5 mounthr ago all wass ok,but now is verry bad because my husband lose the job and he didint find anather and we survive with 100-150euro every mounth.we dont have internet but i come at my naybors to chek my mails.emaemanuelle@yahoo.com is the mail where u can contact me.tnx u verry much.

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