A Special Friday Evening !

September 14, 2009 at 3:32 pm | Posted in Blogger Meet | 65 Comments

Friday evening is a term that I learnt to use after I got married. To my husband friday evening means coming early from office and have something unusual for dinner. Before Aryan it meant a lot more ..but then lets not get there πŸ˜‰

But last friday evening was special. It was an evening with girl friends. Friends who became friends without realization. Friends that had no faces when they became my friends. Friends whom I wanted to meet forever and it did not happen.
Yeah yeah ..blog friends ofcourse !!

Pixie ..we know each other from somewhere in 2007 ..May / June. Thats soon after I started blogging. Pixie and I would comment on each other’s post and most of the comments would sound like , “WOW thats so much like me” , “I would do the same” , “You are absolutely right” , “Are we soul sisters” etc.

And we bonded , I don’t know when. With most of my readers being mommy bloggers pixie was the ONLY non-mommy blogger with whom I bonded and now we can add Swaram to the list.

I don’t remember when she moved to my gmail friends list and when we exchanged numbers. But we never met , until friday !!

Monika came to my world because of Ojas. Ojas is such a adorable baby that even other moms cannot stop looking at his pics. And what a smile he has. You can just keep looking at his pics forever. And then Monika came by to offer contribution to HnT. So sweet of her. And then we chatted on gmail. The journey continues from there. And then we decided to meet and the meet got postponed for one reason or another. But it happened on friday !!

Puja , again she came in for Diya! I have been fascinated with girl childs. I so want one ! And then I got addicted to Puja’s no fuss , no fancy , short and straight posts. And rest of the story is same !! But whats better is I met Diya too this friday and fell in love with her chubby cheeks !!

Iya , a new face to me , absolutely gorgeous and charming. I never realized that I have read so little of her and that she was almost an stranger to me. She got along so well with the gang !!

And we chatted about everything under the sun !! Food, Blogs, bloggers , kids , hubbies , In-laws and even about hubbies of other bloggers πŸ˜‰ LOL !

And it was decided that we will meet again some day for potluck and the invitees would include Abha for sure !! Now don’t ask me why πŸ˜›

Now was that not a special friday !!!

And here is the pic of the day :


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