Aryan No Talking

May 19, 2009 at 4:26 pm | Posted in Parenting, Talks about Aryan, Thoughts | 5 Comments

I sometimes tell Aryan that I will not talk to you , if you behave like this , usually when he is physical or is misbehaving badly. It works and he says sorry , kisses me and patches up within minutes. He really cannot bear me not talking to him and gets upset if I still don’t give in. And tells Anupam , “Mumma No Talking”.

So this time he has put in my shoes. His dada dadi left on Sunday and he is missing them badly. So much so that he was in a state of denial yesterday morning and told me to go to office , said bye and sat on sofa (where his dadu usually sits ) with dadu’s favourite news channel on and said “hum ghar rahenge , dadu saath”.

I had to literally make him believe that dadu has left and he has to go to day care. Later in the day , his care taker told me that he was a good boy , did every thing , eating , sleeping , playing nicely but did not speak to anyone :-O

I was surprised. Full day he did not speak. Thankfully , he spoke to me and was nice to me and Anupam in the evening. And we also obviously gave him all the attention.

But when I asked him to talk to dadu dadi over the phone , he said “NOOOO” , a big NO. I tried a few times , but it remained NO. He spoke to other relatives though.

I hope I can somehow explain my little one the law of living , life goes on ..



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  1. Oh! So diff for the innocent minds to comprehend the law of living rt 😦

  2. Aww… Hugs to Aryan…

  3. One BIG hug to Aryan. The poor dear!

  4. kids are indeed very sensitive to these things! he will leatn in his own time me thinks! 🙂

    till then he has you guys to make him smile!

  5. They observe everything we do and work out the same against us. LOL hugs to aryan.

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