Tweeting !

May 13, 2009 at 9:53 am | Posted in Just Like That, Mom, Twitter | 6 Comments

I am not a very quick kind of person when it comes to social networking etc. I am not on any social networking site except Orkut and I am not too active there as well.  But Twitter is the buzz word all around. Yeah even in office everyone is talking about it , every one means EVERYONE !

I have heard enough that twitter is the fastest growing phenomenon on internet and that twitter is getting popular each passing second and the latest one , that Twitter is a threat to google ! (Watch the video here)

So I thought to give this one a try ! And to add to Twitter’s popularity and user base 🙂

Lets see if  I enjoy this one !  Wish me Happy Tweeting and let me know if you are tweeting as well !

P.S : Thanks to all of you for your support ! Mom’s operation went fine and she is back home. Plaster would remain for a month or two. And she(rather they , my entire family) is cancelling her trip to Bangalore , which was due end of this month 😦



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  1. Ya true, i heard a lot about this one too. Wish you a happy one. Let me know your experience.

  2. Now that we are ‘following’ each other on Tweeter, let us hope to have a fun and great time ahead!!

  3. Aww.. dind’t know about your mom. Glad she’s better, sorry they’ve cancelled their trip. 😦
    Me not on Twitter, tho’ I’ve also heard lots about it. Have fun.

  4. I too need to figure out this tweeter thing!!

    Glad your mom is better. Sorry they had to cancel the trip.

  5. Good to know your mom is better… 🙂
    Hope she gets well soon…

    Tweeting – heard a lot about it, but it’s blocked at work, so not sure as to whether I want to start or not…

  6. Me too joined to have a taste of what it is; following u 😛

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