Worst on the mother’s day can be

May 11, 2009 at 10:57 am | Posted in Mom, Mothers Day, Mummy, Rant, Talks about Aryan | 11 Comments

…to know that your mom is in hospital and you cannot go.
…to know that she will have a surgery (minor it may be) the next day and you won’t be around.
…And to have your bratty little kid around (in his terrible Twos) and you close your day with a big speech to him , on how he should be a good boy.
My Prayer on the next day to mother’s day is

God please grant some patience to me , lot of good health to my mom and little wisdom to my son !

 P.S : Mom fell down in bathroom and has got her wrist fractured and is undergoing an operation as I do this post.

P.P.S : Belated Happy Mother’s day to All!



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  1. Praying for a speedy recovery to your mom.

    The patience and terrible twos part sounds so much like Abe. Cubby has launched a targetted campaign to torture her exactly the same way!

    Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

  2. oops take care and hope ur mom gets well soon

  3. Aww.I am so sorry . I hope your mom gets well soon.

  4. My wishes are with you and your mother.. Hope she gets well soon….
    Hugs and Love….

  5. I hope your mom gets well soon…
    My prayers are with you and her.

  6. oh… i hope she recovers soon.

    And dont worry.. kids are like that.

    HUgs 🙂

  7. Hope your mom gets well soon and you would be soon able to visit her. I can understand how it feels.

  8. oh dear! hope she’s feeling better soon

  9. get well soon wishes for your Mum.

    and state of our home has already been revealed by pati! and when i say i lack patience, i REALLY mean it! sigh! 😦

  10. Lots of gud wishes ur way. Hows ur mom dng now? And a belated happy Mother’s day to you

  11. hey.. i hope she gets well soon.. and ur son starts to behave better too.. mine has started his twos about 4 months early.

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