I need advice : Time Life Books for Kids ?

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I have attended 2 presentations from a group called TimeLife(Tiem warner Brand). They offer a home library for the kids of 0-12 years which they call as Total Development Program.

Though I appreciate that the books are of good quality and the concept and content is good I have my doubts.

Oneis that its mighty expensive , atleast in Indian Rupees.

Plus I am not sure if it makes sense to get a home library from one company or get books as and when needed for the kid. My point is if he gets a new book he getes attracted to it for its new. If we buy loads of books and keep , all of then in same size and look and feel ,it might be too monotonous for him.

Also that I fear that once i would buy I would insist on him to go through them and that might backfire.

So I am thouroughly confused. I need help!

Has anyone used these books ? Could you tell me if its worth the investment , not in terms of content but in terms of practical use.



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  1. I have absolutely nothing to say on this! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›
    But, even then, my view on this – buy him books he can relate to or grow to love…

  2. As we have discussed before, I’m not pro these kind of books. They will have enough learning options on their plate once they start playschool, preschool etc.

    But if you think they are actually wonderful with respect to content, buy them but take out one book once in 2 months so that he doesn’t get bored.

  3. Since I have not scanned the books for their content, you will be the best judge. But let me share something with you that might help you decide.
    I invested in a similar library from the Scholastic Company. The books contain, early reading books with audio cd (main character is Clifford) this is a set of 6 units, each unit contains 12 books and a audio cd. there are 4 books with audio cd, these are story books of mogli, little mermaid, lion king etc.
    there is a ‘tell me why’ series of books with amazing illustrations and info, there is also an encyclopedia series, then there is a moral-studies series with cd for each unit.
    there are some games also…logic-pro is the name, and I also have some picture dictionaries. there are also books for stories for each day of the year (4 books) and also books about words (4 books)
    Now I bought this entire set when my son was only 17 months old…and now he is 3 and 1/2. he loves his books and picks them up on his own. Now I have not opened up all the books yet, like the encyclopedia and the moral-series. But the other books, he scans on his own, asks me questions and likes to listen to the audio cds and tries to follow the book.
    Now you said something about you feeling the pressure to urge him to read them, well…if your child is fond of books, you will have it easy, but if not, then you will have to start taking a book and showing him what amazing stuff lies in them.
    I buy other books also for my son, so I will not tell you that buy this library set and you are done…no buying books does not end, but yes the child learns to value books, and knows that these are ‘his’ books.
    this link has some pictures of the books..that i mentioned.

    you can take your child to the office of these book people and see how your child feels about them.

    I hope my inputs help !!

    • What’s the cost involved in this?

    • Well said

  4. well i would prefer buying books every now and then rather than at one go. but then again you dont have to give him all the books in go. one every few weeks and then keep rotating them. Cubby already has loads of books and even those i keep circulating keeping couple of his super favs out at all times.

    what neelum said makes sense too. so if you can afford it and thinks its value for money, go for it!


  5. Oh this is right up my line… my friend is a distributor of all these books-Time Life and other publications for children, incl. Childcraft.

    Time Life is hugely expensive. I strongly urge you to NOT consider it.

    I invested in Childcraft(will tell you more about it if you want) for Ishaan and Amar Chitra Katha for myself. Ishaan loves his Childcraft and I can safely say that it has aroused his curiosity in things. But the Tell Me Why Series, imho, is much better, both in terms of illustrations and in terms of replacing if one book is damaged from the set. Childcraft is really bad on that account. You lose one book its gone for good.

    Personally, I think that the second hand books have been much better. he now knows his nursery rhymes from Disney, from Barney and from Pooh. He has cardboard books with stories that he can relate to (his favorite is one where a puppy is too small to do things he likes and how other people help him realise that there are great things that he can do BECAUSE he is so small) , one about Grover going to bed etc.

    To answer your question – Jayanagar IV block market has the BIGGEST second hand bookstore that i have seen anywhere. In fact, just yesterday i was thinking of the limited choice we have here and was hoping i could visit that place once at least..
    I have never asked them about childrens imported books.. basically bcs those i used to source from the Hyderabad Sunday book market, and then since Ishaan, from the second hand bookstores in Gurgaon. But i’ll be very surprised if they dont have anything in that dept.

    If you need anything more, pls email me and then maybe we can talk on the phone.. i m good at putting together a library(even if i say so myself, can take credit for making bibliophiles of all the kids whose reading i planned through the years.. all of them love books now).

    Most of us dont realise how important it is to plan the child’s library, and to do it year after year.. but can tell u from experience that it can make a world of a difference to a child.. esp in a world where a child’s attention has the competition of short term pleasures like X Box and TV and Computer games.. books are among the few things that force a child to have a longer attention span.. (there, i start on an altogether another lecture)

    Anyway, good luck for ur search!

    • Hi there,

      i have a 9 month old and i would really like her to be a book lover.\\\
      i just sat through a presentation from time life and although i am
      tempted (primarily for the content) i cant afford them.
      you mention in your post that you can help with putting together a
      library – any help with that would be greatly appreciated.
      do let me know how i can get in touch

      thank you

      • Hi,

        I have also attended ETL workshop for 2 years and i am tempted for their books,though i am speculating about groliers too… can you please tell more about that library..

        • I am working in Grolier. And the library Grolier is having is a wonderful concept. Not only books but there are several educational games which has to be done practically.. And that’s the great advantage that any parent can take for their child brain development..

          • Can just contact me on my no. 08376040509

      • Check out http://www.learningtime.co tools including books,activity books, flash cards, talking pen, safest educational tablet, toy abacus, sing along, choreography, it’s the best in publishing and digital world on a much reasonable investment than time life and much more modern and affordable.

    • Dear All: Just came back to write that i don’t do this any more. pls don’t write in to me. WIll also share why i don’t do it. Because all i asked for was feedback on whether the suggestions are working with the child or not. in some cases i recommended a guided trip to the bookstore, and in some cases i recommended specific book activities, and some cases, specific books. NOT ONE Parent got back to me. EVER. It is difficult to make suggestions when one doesn’t really know the child, but to not get even basic feedback, only to say, whether or not something worked, is very disheartening. Am sorry.

      • Ask those parents who are using such tools and they will give you the other side of the story ๐Ÿ™‚ those who don’t have all the excuses, reasons and logic. Hope it helps.

    • Hello… I need some help…. can I get ur email id plz….

  6. OOps.. sorry about the length of the comment!

  7. Hi,

    saw your mail while seraching for time life series.

    Hey !! “How do we know” , could you please tell me where in jay ngr. is this shop ? I am putting up in B’lore but never been to that area.

    and I also would to also like to know more about childcraft, as in publication, titles etc..

  8. hi. Im wondering if anyone can help me access second hand timelife copies?? Its really expensive but I have also heard fantastic things it does for your child…thx. pooh

    • Hi,
      Anyone interested in purchasing the Childs FIrst library of learning,which is the knowledge series of Time life ,which is for resale ,it was used only for a 8months and in very good condition am in bangalore.Set of Knowledge Books, Cognitive Skills Books and Mathematics. anybody interested pls mail me at nandrao@gmail.com

      • Hi,
        Anyone interested in selling the Childs FIrst library of learning,which is the knowledge series of Time life ,which is for resale ,it was used only for a 8months and in very good condition am in bangalore.Set of Knowledge Books, Cognitive Skills Books and Mathematics. anybody interested pls mail me at nandrao@gmail.com

        sry abt the first comment its not purchasing its selling

        • i need to buy your Childs FIrst library of learning,which is the knowledge series of Time life.
          please tell the cost
          with regards

    • Please call me if you still looking for second hand books.

      • hi parul..

        i am chitra,maroudam’s sister.
        yeah…we are interested to buy the second hand
        books of timelife and grolier series.
        for the age of 3 to 5 years.
        do contact me
        with the details of the books withu

      • yes i am looking for second hand book Childs FIrst library of learning,which is the knowledge series of Time life

        • hi, i am looking for a buyer for my collection of child’s first library…if you are interested, please reply, so i can mail you the title names

          • I am Devi ,i would like to know the details of childs first library books so that i can buy .

          • hi i am want to buy time life and grolier collection for age 1 to 8year.

            • sorry, i want to buy time life and grolier collection for age 1 to 8years.

    • s let me know the cost of it. my gmail id mrssuganyaa@gmail.com

      • Hi Anjali,

        I am interested in buying the timelife series from you. Please drop me your contacts on navita.myer@gmail.com.

    • hi i have the timelife books….packed and absolutely new…lemme know if ur interested

      • Hi, if u have knowledge series , kindly mail me the price details : priyashankar.t@gmail.com

      • I am interested in cognitive skills and value series, let me know if you have them my email id is jforjoy20@yahoo.com

      • Hi anjali ..if u hv t series.. pls lt me knw t price n if u hv both t walter n tab.

      • can you mail me the price at nehawal@gmail.com

      • Hi, I am interested in knowledge series. Please drop a mail to fazih_k@yahoo.co.in if it is still available.

        • HI I would like to buy second hand Tie life books,,can anyone help please. kindly mail on simrata.gujral@gmail.com.

      • Hi…
        Am looking for the time life series, pls send details to rajji82@gmail.com along with cost, and present condition

      • Do u still have them.. I need to buy second hand ones etl learning

        • I would like to buy secondhand books from grolier for my 2y old daughter. If u have pls mail with price to meghanaa.u@gmail.com

          • Meghna do check

            Before you pick grolier. You will end up paying lot more for grolier and not all areas covered.

      • Hi Iam interested in getting ur time life series

        • Hi if you are interested please get in touch with me on 9022281213

          • Anybody interested in buying the entire set of “A child’s first library of learning” by Timelife- in near new condition; pls contact 9867679679

            • Hi anuradha,
              I am interested to get the knowledge series of ETL, could you let me the price?


  9. and yes… where is the jayanagar second hand book store??

  10. Hey Pooh and Upma, I do not know where to get timelife second hand books and about the Jaynagar store , I would ask Howdoweknow and let you ppl know.

  11. Oh don’t buy them ! I have them and they are a waste!

    • Ohh finally some one who has them ๐Ÿ˜€ And thats you of all the people

    • Do you plan to sell them? If so, pls call me on 9980130182.

    • would yuo like to sell them! i need them.

      • I’m selling time and life books๐Ÿ˜Š they are like a collection and they have been very useful because of that, you ought to see your child learning new vocabulary while growing and it’s quite good๐Ÿ˜Š I’m ready to sell them. And my email I’d is: mallaikaa007@gmail.com
        Please do revert and sorry for a late reply.

        • Hi.. I would be interested in buying the second hand time life total development library. Pls lemme know the price…

  12. Are u planning to sell it back babiesano? If so let me know.


  13. hi there,

    even i have taken the time life books presentation and they have been playing on my mind ever since. but i hv also nt been able to make a decision regarding whether i should buy them or not. Content wise they are amazing but only point is whether they will be able to serve the long term purpose of creating love for books in my 4 year old son??!!also i would welcome some suggestion about what other kind of books should be looked at for a 4 year old??

    • love for books can happen by showing value in books by the parents and that can be achieved by any books though timelife books makes the job easier since they are very child like not flat but layered and challenging everytime time kid opens it but whats important is when you would make use of these books you know that you would be helping in childs intellect and emotional development. Sorry to say but leaving to school is too late surely both for developing love for books and for brain development.

  14. OK people, i am back, after a really long break..

    I don’t remember where in IV block market that store was.. but its there.. i usually find it while walking around.. am sorry can’t help there.

    @ Varsha: Your child must be 11 months old by now. Please get some board books with large print. I will need to know the gender of the child, but in general, I strongly recommend Pooh books from second hand stors.. all board please.. bright colors, large print and BIG pictures. Nothing expensive,because ur child will tear quite a few books before looking at them as things to like.

    The way to start books with your child is as under: When the child is sitting, open the board book at any random page. Then say “magic!” and open it to another page. Then tell the child “Isnt this a wonderful toy! It shows a different picture each time.” Do this for 2-3 books as your child wonders.. then let them open each board book (with ur help, if required), and be sure to say magic! each time the book opens to a new picture.

    This is the best way to start infants on books. As their age changes, our approach changes too.. if we stay in touch, we can work on this together..

    @ Shweta: Re. books for 4 year olds, pls dont buy Time Life or any other educative stuff. Tell you what, please email me at kijaana@gmail.com with ur phone no. and the following info, and i will advise:
    Age, gender of the child:
    Current preferances / hobbies / likes of the child:
    How does the child pass time now?
    Why do you want them to love books (this is a funny question, but you’ll be surprised at how many parents think of making their kids Einstein by reading, while my approach is to use books for entertainment, Life and Value Education that is otherwise missing, so its imp for me to know what the parent wants out of the book reading.)
    What kind of books does ur child read right now, and for how long does s/he read at a stretch?
    Will u have the time to read to them, about 30 minutes for abt 3 times a week, if i recommend books for that? Reading time with parents is one of the strongest ways to build the reading habit in a child. The other is for them to see their parents read.. so tell me if u r open to that.

    Tell you what people .. Talk to me if you want to plan their libraries year on year.. no consulting charges,and i dont sell books, so no commission either.. i just have a gift, and want to use it to benefit as many kids as possible.

    • Hi,

      Hey i am mom of 3 year old LO and have just decided dropping by plans to buy ETL early development program. Although i liked the books i felt its overload of info on kids – so i am looking for right books to move ahead so that i dont miss the postive things that ETL oterhwise offered..Can you pls suggest. My e-mail id is rinkalsshah@gamil.com

  15. Hi,
    I was also in dielmna for past 2 yrs. whether to buy so costly books and recently I took the membership of justBooks library ( they have 4 libraries in bangalore) and have been reading TimeLife books to my son for almost a month now. Now my experience is:

    1. Don’t buy the books, its not that great also in terms of contents. What I mean to say here is though these books are great but doesn’t contain all the things which a child need to know.

    2. I have taken their “avid reader” program in which u can borrow 4 books at a time + free home delivery ( I wanted it badly as I am working , though I belive nobody has time to visit library everyday). So, almost on daily basis, we get 4 books ( home devlivery).

    3. I utilise the books best when I know I need to return and I am paying rent for everyday.

    4. I get lots of other wonderful books along with TimeLife.

    5. Week-ends, I take my kid there to attend activities + can use walter there.

    6. I feel happy when I get all the benefits of TimeLife/other books which spening much.

    7. After 5 years or so kids want to read books of their choice not what parents impose, so library works out better as sometimes they can read with their choice and sometimes with parents choice.

    • Hi,
      I am from Bangalore too and have been considering buying the Time life series soon. What are the rental charges in the library you are going to for the avid program.Since there is home delivery and you can use Walter on the weekends, this idea seems very good.


    • Thank you for your suggestion – really helpful!

  16. wow you all have a really good discussion.
    How do I become a part of the group.

  17. Do anyone of you have timelife second hand or world book?

    • hi, i have the full timeslife set. very neat condition. those willing to buy contcat me at ynet@rediffmail.com .I’m in Bangalore

      • interested in buying the entire set of time life .is it still available?What is the price?

      • Hi I am interested in buying the Cognitive skills set of time life books. Pl let me know if you are still selling them. And the price. My no: 9449852691

      • Let me know if the book is still available. If available,send me their details with price

        • plz let me know if it still avaible

          • I plan to sell – A Child’s First Library of Learning – Time Life, cheaply. Message me 65-98367227. I am in Singapore.I also have Complete set of Illustrated Encyclopedia of Science and Nature. Set of Discoveries Library and Set of Let’s Investigate Science. 20 copies of young scientist and 20 sets of the world book. Urgent! Moving house, garage sale.

            • hi VCC, do you still have these?

            • Have you sold the time life books yet? pls let me know

            • hi VCC,
              Do you stil have the time life books for sale ?
              Pls mail me in case.

              • I want to sell brand new “A Child’s First Library of Learning with A TALKING FRIEND WALTER”. still packed in the original box. The actual cost is 45000. i am willing to sell it for 35. Not negotiable.

                • Hi i am interested in the product, but would like to talk to you how can i correspond

            • Whats the price of timelife set?is it available?

  18. I would like to buy second hand time life books for kids. Please write to me if any one wants to sell it. thanks

    • Yup meenakshi, wudn’t we all love to buy second hand time-life books…:)!!!

      • I have used time life books for my daughter for 7 years now she is 12 yr old and does want these books to be apart . I have decided to keep them for her child since they are concept based books. BTW i got them for free incase any of you really like the timelife program find them out of reach call me on 9845799228 and I would tell you how to get them.

        • hi, my daughter is one n half years. n i was considering ths bks. can u help?

  19. Please le know:
    1> from where I can bought the whole series?
    2> What is the total cost of whole series
    3> Is there any library in PUNE/ DELHI where I can get these book on rent.

    • Hi,

      If interested I can help you. Have you gone through the presentation? h hO

      Vikas Sharma

    • Dear Nilambari,

      In Pune- Sunbeam Library(Kalyani Nagar) provides vareity of such books.

  20. Hi,

    I’m keen on buying second hand Time Life and Grolier books. Please let me know if any body plans to sell them over. Thanks.


    • Hi,

      Books are the best friend. Have you seen the presentation?


    • hi,
      i want to resell the Timelife books which i bought recently in month of Feburary.i have Knowledge series, cognitive series and maths series.mail me if you want to buy it. nandrao@gmail.com


      • Hi Nandini if you still have these books pls do let me know i m interested in buying them call on 99330658107 or contact@tushargarg.com


  21. wow…im amazed at reading this kinda discussion…..ofcourse would love to join in….n yes even im game if nebodys willing to sell away their second hand timelife series….also would ne1 suggest sum good libraries with timelife books near kandivali area in mumbai….

  22. pls keep me informed…

  23. Hi,

    I don’t see a reason why it has to be so expensive.After all books are about knowledge and it should be circulated with ease.Countries give free education for the betterment of economic growth etc..ive seen the presentation and liked it but certainly not worth the amount .

  24. hi just saw all ur discussions i am from kolkata hv a 8 mnth old daughter jus heard abt time life books n was surfing for its details found all ur discussions interesting n wanted to seek sum advise are the books really helpful n wat is the total cost of oit rtnow shud i buy n can sumbody arrange fopr a second hand books for me. secondly i even saw in ur comments sumbody mentioning abt the tell me why books r these diff from the time life r there sum more similar books if yes which is the best to buy pls help me with my selection as i hardly know abt it much

    • Hi Nidhi ,this is Rupa….did you finally use TimeLife books. Am also from Kolkata

  25. Can u tell me where i can get the second hand books of Grolier or Timeline series in Delhi or Gurgaon??

    • pls contact me on 9811018162

  26. […] I need advice : Time Life Books for Kids ? March 200940 comments 3 […]

  27. I am interested in second hand books from Grolier or Timelife series ?
    Anyone looking out to sell their sets ? Or any vendor in Delhi/NCR that stocks these books on second hand.

  28. Hi All,

    I am a late entry to this discussion, but i would like to add something from my side. I am from Hyderabad and I purchased Time life Knowledge series, cognitive series books when my kid was 2 years old. Now he is turning 3 years. Initially i thought these are expensive but when i compared with other assets in my house the amount which i am spending on these books was very less. I spent thousands of rupees for my LCD, AC etc.., which i will be using when required and even i am ready to pay thousands of rupees as donation for my kid and i am not sure how the school is going to teach to my kid. I front of all those, the amount i am investing on timelife books is nothing, which my kid can use those books till he reaches 14years. I could see so much information in those books which i myself don’t know. Day by day my kid is loving those books like any thing. He independently chooses the book he want from the set and walks to me or his dad to read along with him. We also feel its a good activity that we are doing with our kid.

    If you feel that your kid is benefited out of some thing give him that as soon as possible because every day and every minute is a learning for the kids. Don’t compromise on that.

  29. Yes these books are good but lets face it they are mighty expensive as it involves direct marketing and the profit shared by distributors all along the line. In the same amount there are affordable aption. And do not fall trap to emotional blackmailing gimmicks by the salesperson who compare your chil’s education needs to your LCD and DVD (sic). Good learning may not necessarily be expensive and vice versa. Expensive things are not always good. The actual cost of these book is much less.

    • Hi jyothi,

      I would like to know the cost of the life time learning complete series. Would u please post it here..

      thanks a lot

  30. hey everyone, i do have a set of early learning program (elp), child’s first library of values…etc, which i do want to sell off, as my kids have outgrown them (the books were good through their growing years), though they cost me a BOMB!! so please e-mail me, & i’ll send you a complete list.

    • Hi Everyone i am interested in buying the books. Monica as you mentioned you have them and interested in selling please give me your contact or can contact me on 9930658107. i have 2 year old and i am interested to buy if a good deal.

      please if anyone got them and interested in selling pls let me know. if good price i will like to buy.


    • i am interested in buying timelife or grolier books for kid. please contact me 9930658107

    • Hey All, I want to purchase second hand total development books ( knowledge, skill, values, maths)in good condition. If anybody wants to sale pls lemme know at 9811514140 or garima009@gmail.com.

  31. I am interested in buying total develoment programme whole series firsthand or secondhand.please can anybody let me know how much is the total cost in india. and contact no. of any authorised dealer selling these series in bombay.

    • i can help with that Deepali. Is there an email id or contact number of yours that we can speak in detail?


  32. I would like to buy second hand Time Life books, Knowledge and Skills series, anybody interested, pleas email me or call me at 9845326883, thanks.

  33. Hi – i would like to buy used time life books, complete set if possible. please email at premoberoi@yahoo.com


  34. I would like to by second hand Time Life books. I am staying in bangalore. Please call me at 9880045560 if any body is interested to sell.


  35. Hi, I am Based out of chennai . I would like to buy Timelife series or grolier Second hand.


    98400 90952

  36. Hello, can anyone state what is the price for the entire time life library. It would be a great help.

    Thank u.

  37. Im interested in the books, based in Singapore. Pls email bingo_5_@hotmail.com

  38. I would like to by second hand Time Life or Grolier books. I am staying in Delhi. Please call me at 9810456050 or email me on dezul198@gmail.com if any body is interested to sell.

    Dezul Udani


    • I am interested – could you please email me the details and price you are looking for.

    • hi i am interested in buying the complete set. pl mail me ur details at anuindia@yahoo.com

  40. i want to sell my time life books my contact nos are 9930125125

    • Where are you from? How much is it priced at?

      • hi, i have the timeslife full set. planning to sell it. pl email email me ynet@rediffmail.com if u r intereted. I’m in Bangalore.

        • Hi I’m really interested. Please let me know the details at my e- mail gaurimayadav@gmail.com

        • Hi, i have sent you a mail. Please respond with the details. Regards, rashmi

        • Hi Thomas,

          Do you still have the times life books with you? if so, let me know the cost and what series do you have,


    • Hii..i stay in mumbai.please email me the price at vidhisinghvi@gmail.com

      • hi vidhi…..r u still looking for the timelife books ? im from Mumbai. 9920310673

    • Hi Meena, You had mentioned that you wanted to sell your time life books. Have you already sold them or are you still looking at selling them? I am from Mumbai.

      • Hi Sonali,
        i Have a complete set of timelife books which are brand new….wanna sell it. pls contact me…9920310673. Im from Mumbai. thamx

        • Hi anjali,
          R u still reselling ur set of timelife books?i am from delhi. Thanks

          • Hi Anjali, I am interested in buying timelife books,,,,My sister stays in Mumbai,,,she can come and meet you,,,let me know if they are still available…u can reach me at 8297101212…Thanks Deb

        • Plz tell me the prize of complete set.

  41. timelife books r good. u can join and buy them at a good price and get loads of other benefits.

  42. is it too late to ask whether anypne still has teh timelife series for sae – secondhand?

    • Hi Bhavna,

      I ahve a complete brand new set of time life books. Pls share ur contact details, if interested. Or mail me on nopur@rediffmail.com.

      • Hi Nupur,
        I am interested to buy Times life books . Had sent you an email plz reply to that at the earliest. Thank you.

  43. Hi i would like to buy second hand timeline series or childcraft books for my 2.5 yr old. i am based in Pune.if anyone has secondhand books please write to me at alifia.nulwala@gmail.com

  44. Hi, those who wants to sell thier Time Life books, can they also mention the reason for selling such books. I would sincerely appreciate that. Thank you.

  45. I am interested in buying second hand timeline series for my 4 yr old in Mumbai.If anyone is interested in selling please write to me at hetalashah@hotmail.com

  46. I m interested in buying second hand timeline series. If anyone intersested in selling plz write me at annieatshop@gmail.com

  47. do anybody still hav th set of timelife for a second hand sale . i am from bangalore and i like to know abt ur opinion on it… is it worth it. bcoz i really like to buy it after seeing the presentation but havnt decided on which set to buy. do reply

    • Hey, I am from Bangalore too. Can u plz tell me how to get the Timelife presentation. I am interested in buying them.

    • Dear people, I have used the time life series all through the developmental stages of my two kids and believe me it is the best thing I have done in my life. In the process of reading out along with them I learnt so much about science, history, art – you name it! We did fun summer school projects (and won prizes!) using these books…I cannot forget the day when my daughter asked me for her ‘chlorophyll’ dress (green colour:)!) My kids have grown up and gone to prestigious unis (pardon my trumpeting!!) and I have decided to pass them on as family heirlooms. Every penny spent is worth it if you use them properly. For the tech savvy, who believe there are CDs now, you are missing out on giving the joy of reading to you kids. The sight of my two year old, swinging his legs on the potty while pouring in to his encyclopaedia, is still fresh in my mind…

      • I actually had goosebumps on reading your comments….awesome….must say you must have really used the books well and go these amazing results..

      • Uh still have it pls pass on do you consider resaling

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      • Is it the knowledge skills and values please do inform me how much is the price

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  66. Do not mess with your kids mind. just take it easy, make healthy and spend more time with them. allow them explore them and allow them to explore..there kids of marketing books etc from west has not products and leaders or dr or enginerers.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Hi, investments for this vary from 2000 to 6000 per month depending on wat you choose

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    I think it may take some more time to make him sit to listen the same.I don’t know whether it is over rated. For final review to be posted,it will take some more time after using it. If anybody wants to speak, pls call me on 09995601020(after 5pm) and I m staying in Trivandrum.

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