I need advice : Time Life Books for Kids ?

March 30, 2009 at 2:26 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 217 Comments

I have attended 2 presentations from a group called TimeLife(Tiem warner Brand). They offer a home library for the kids of 0-12 years which they call as Total Development Program.

Though I appreciate that the books are of good quality and the concept and content is good I have my doubts.

Oneis that its mighty expensive , atleast in Indian Rupees.

Plus I am not sure if it makes sense to get a home library from one company or get books as and when needed for the kid. My point is if he gets a new book he getes attracted to it for its new. If we buy loads of books and keep , all of then in same size and look and feel ,it might be too monotonous for him.

Also that I fear that once i would buy I would insist on him to go through them and that might backfire.

So I am thouroughly confused. I need help!

Has anyone used these books ? Could you tell me if its worth the investment , not in terms of content but in terms of practical use.


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