I have no title for this :(

March 18, 2009 at 3:10 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

This is something thats on my mind for past 2 days and I am not able to get out of it.

My very close friend went through something that I wish no one (not even my biggest enemy) should ever go through.And I came to know so recently.

Her 1.5 months old was diagnosed of a birth defect and had to go through a major surgery. He was in ICU for more than a month in the most reputed and famous(for good and bad reasons) hospitals of India.

It was a problem so severe that it should have been diagnosed during pregnancy but it was not. And then the ordeal they faced for a month due to carelessness and selfishness of hospital staff, it was all just so horrible.

I can and I wish to blabber out all the details, but then they are just too personal and I have no rights to write them on my blog.

I have mixed feelings , one of empathy for her , a woman can bear anything but can not see her kid suffering , two of anger , why she of all the people in this world , she already has had her share of problems early in life ..why again , three of self hatred for not being able to help her during her time of need and for being even ignorant of her problems for over an month , atleast I could have given her some emotional support and four of frustation and hatred for the medical system in india.

Please pray for the little one , may he recover soon and may he grows up to be strong physically , emotionally and mentally!



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  1. God bless the little one and also get your friend out of all the trauma she is facing soon. Will definitely send out a prayer for them.

  2. Hugs…

    Hope the little one gets better… will send in a prayer for them…

  3. I pray to God to make that child recover well and soon..

  4. This is sad, I dont know what her situation is right now…but my heart goes out to her and im going to pray for her and her baby! They will be fine.

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