Asin Rocks !

January 30, 2009 at 2:41 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Last weekend we saw Ghajini. Since it was Aamir Khan’s movie I had high hopes as always and he has never disappointed me except for rare instances like Mangal Pandey.  And even Ghajini did not disappoint me.

But more than Aamir Khan I got impressed by Asin. The lady truly rocks !! She should be the next big thing in Bollywood. She was so spontaneous in all kinds of scenes. Reminds me of Kajol in kuch kuch hota hai 🙂 , though Kajol was a veteran then.

So I suggest go and watch Ghajini , but not for Aamir alone , but also for Asin!

** By the way , why did they name the movie Ghajini ? Do you know any other movie named after the villian. That too when the villian is an unknown face ?



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  1. Its on my want-to-watch list too.

  2. I agree with you. Loved the movie and yes asin was wonderful, very lively and lovely.

  3. exactly the same I thought..about movie, about Asin and the name and even kajol came to mind instantly:)

  4. Shows how old I must be. Asin reminded me of hema malini in Sholay!! yes, i do think she can do cute movies of that type, although i hope they don’t typecast her. as for the movie, it was a torture to sit through the 2nd half where Aamir is reduced to being a charging Rhino. it is on my list of worst movies ever, right after John Abraham’s Karam 😉

  5. Oh yes I liked Asin too. Very good looking & so much talent.

  6. I liked the movie for sure but was not floored with it. There are many questions which the Mr-Perfect left open ended 🙂 But yeah, Asin looks cute even though she has put on a lot going by her Tamil movies!

  7. Thank god someones spoken well of this movie…..everyone around here whos seen it says its a waste of time, which is hard to believe since its and Amir Khan starring!

  8. u know u’re the first person i’ve read to have liked asin!! Good to hear that for a change. 🙂 i haven’t watched the movie yet though.

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