Weddings and Work

November 26, 2008 at 10:59 am | Posted in Vacation, Wedding, Work | 10 Comments

After 3 days , one of Anupam’s near and dear cousin(his mom’s family) is getting married. And we are not being able to make it to the wedding , since we took leaves for diwali recently.And plus I am loaded with work! And as a friend said just few minutes back , work during recession is precious !

I know in today’s busy world’s its tough to attend all the weddings but then still some people are special. And more over I love attending weddings of family members ! No you got it wrong !! Not because it gives me chance to dress up etc and not because I can see latest fashions etc. People who know me closely know that I am not that kind of a person. Getting ready and that too in sari and with jewellary and plus Aryan , I find it a pain. But still I love attending weddings of family members !

It gives me chance to meet people and chit chat. I enjoy the laughters in the house. I love the childhood stories that people come out with when they meet long lost uncles and aunts. And yes I love all of this , even when its Anupam’s side of family for the twinkle in his eyes. I get to hear his childhood stories , some of which I have already heard 10 times. And I get to bond with his family members. Plus this girl’s wedding is more special , coz she is the youngest of the troop and everyone finds a kid sister in her πŸ™‚

Anyways ..Cannot help it. And then there is another story. There are 2 more weddings in Feb. This time in his dad’s side of family. And we had plans to attend both. I mean atleast we have booked tickets.

BUT BUT BUT , here in office they are talking about a short project , which will save milions to company and the time line is between Jan1st to Mar 15th and I am the senior most member of the team πŸ˜› Now will I get leave for 7 days ..million dollar question!



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  1. Having lived far from family all my life, we almost never attended any weddings. It was quite expensive to travel South to North in the days before Capt Gopinath. I attended my first wedding in June 2003, and loved it for exactly the reasons you mentioned! By July 2004, I had attended 2 more and decided I want one too. I did not realize until after the wedding cards were printed that a wedding entailed me getting married as well. Yeow, but who’s ready for marriage???

    Anyway, 4 years later, I guess we were all ready.

    Isn’t it sad how while inviting MNC’s into India, we have have also adopted their non-family culture? On the other hand, we do not replicate the fact that entire US shuts down for Christmas, during Diwali. When India was still 3rd world, both employees and firms used to place sufficient importance over marriages and thread ceremonies. The present meltdown has only made us more ‘bonded’. We have missed all but one wedding in the last 4 years as well… usually for the same reason as yours: leaves!

    Hope you manage to attend some or all of these, by hook or by crook πŸ™‚

  2. oh well!

    hubby said everything i wanted to.

    we missed weddings of closest friends because of either leave or budgetary constraints! and when you look back it looks like such a waste of precious memories.

    i mean if company is gonna lay us off, it will irrespective of how many important occassions we have missed!

    we should just stop worrying so much! easier said than done i know!

    amen to M’s wish for ya!


  3. Fingers crossed that u get the coveted leave in Feb. I have not yet missed any important wedding in the family but I know that I’ll feel miserable if I ever have to.
    I love weddings & even enjoy the “dressing up”.

  4. Oh! I really really hope you get those leaves…

    I can totally understand how it must feel, because I will be missing out the thread-ceremony of my only cousin brother because I would have joined the new work place only few days before…

  5. I shall keep my fingers tightly crossed for your 7 day leave being approved in Feb’09!!

  6. Hi, Im here after a long time.. Hope all is well.. Wish U good luck for getting the leave sanctioned for feb 09

  7. Hi, Just read your blog for the 1st time and simply loved it. Loved the fact its simple…
    Ohhh and its been so long that I’ve attended wedding..talking about it pretty much makes me feel nostalgic..the last I attended was mine (3yrs ago) =((
    And wish you luck your holidays in ’09.

  8. I hope you do get the leaves and have loads of fun! I am just back after attending my brother in law’s marriage and I know why you are so keen on attending the weddings.. Infact in my entire life I could attend just 4-5 weddings (excluding mine of course!) and so realize how precious they are.
    Wishing you all the very best, dear!

  9. instances such as this one remind me of the one very popular US new reporter (Bhuwan’s story find) who said on record that “i have lied, cheated and manipulated my bosses to be able to make time with my family” he did all that and he was equally popular with his audience… now thats a trick to master πŸ™‚

    wishing you and aryan all the love we can find in this big bad world πŸ™‚


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