Don’t Test Our Patience !

July 28, 2008 at 5:59 am | Posted in Bangalore Bomb Blasts, Society, Terrorism | 7 Comments

Friday afternoon Bangalore was struck with serial blasts. We were asked to head for home at around 4.00 and transport was arranged. Evening was spent in front of TV , watching the details on TV , anticipating who it could be , thanking God on not much damage , thanking God for the fact that we were not the victims , thanking God for no near and dear ones were the victims , calling and answering calls by near and dear ones.

But what after that ? Saturday life resumed to its normal. We went out for our weekly grocery shopping. Took around my parents who are visiting us these days. Called over some relatives for dinner.Sunday was also similiar.

Ofcourse life did change for the victims(thankfully not too many in Bangalore) and their families , for some of them that change would be BIG. But no change is bigger than life. We miss loved ones when they go , but life moves on.

So YOU who wants to create panic , forget it. YOU who wants to bring our lives to still , forget it. With each of these incidents YOU make us stronger emotionally , mentally and may be physically also , to fight against YOU. Do not forget that India has lost no battles and it will not loose this in house war too.

P.S : Read an interesting analysis , of why Bangalore and Ahemdabad were the chosen ones here.



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  1. I am not sure if life has resumed to normalcy in Ahmedabad. I do not really think that it makes us stronger emotionally. There are many who are suffering from post traumatic stress.

  2. I agree with u Swati…… kudos to the spirit of India!

  3. true true!

    god bless the souls affected… and may those who did it rot in hell… here on earth or elsewhere!


  4. agreed this the spirit we should show to these guys….

    BTW, where were u reading that article… would like to read it too…. currently the only theory floating around is that they are targeting the BJP states

  5. Yes, we must show to these terrorists that we wont break, no way!

  6. Nice post on the resoluteness of Indian Junta. To the terrorists – we are the oldest civilization on this earth.. we have seen it all.. and yet we survive… We will survive your hatred too…

  7. good post. terrorism, unlike war, cannot be fought. any “fight” will only lead to more terrorism. the best way to counter these fear-tactics are by ensuring calm and in an odd way, ignoring the blast-ards.

    i am so proud both ahmedabad and bangalore managed extreme restraint despite the provocation.

    god bless the souls who must now face life alone.

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