My Heart Breaks :(

July 22, 2008 at 5:50 am | Posted in Birthday, Day Care, GrandParents, Parenting | 13 Comments

Today we left Aryan to his day care after a 3 days holiday. He cried out and clinged to me so badly. I still feel like crying for him. He wanted to spend time with his Nana Nani , whom he was missing for a LONG time. But then we thought of sending him to day care alternate days , in order to maintain his habit. Or may be ask my dad to pick him up by afternoon.

Just to tell you the back ground Aryan is very attached to his maternal grand father and paternal grand mother.My parents are here for 10 days and then with Anupam’s parents for another 15 days.

After today’s incident , I am in a fix. I am asking too much from my little boy :(( May be I can just have him a blast for a month and see what happens when we start the day care again after they are all gone. I know he will be totally disappointed then , but then that will last for a week or so , while he will cry everyday if we go by what we planned.

P.S. : The Birthday Bash post is up , here.



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  1. I would say let him be home. He might not take that long to settle back since he won’t see any of the grandparents home so he will realise that he can’t stay home.

  2. Aww……..poor baby. I agree with nm. Just let him have fun! πŸ™‚

  3. yeah..let him stay with grandparents, if they can take care of him. he will settle down in day care again easily within a week. The first week might be a li’l tough, but he can enjoy one whole month with people at home. Also he will learn a lot from grandparents, than from school. That’s what I feel πŸ™‚

  4. awwww! from what i hear kids have very short memories and get adjusted pretty quickly!

    a month of fun vis a vis a week of crying! i would go for month of fun!

    but then you know best! πŸ™‚



  5. Leave him with his grandparents and let him enjoy.

    Why I did not break teh schedule is because the daycare in Hyderabad doesn’t have this facilty of break

  6. Hi Mumma,

    Let me stay with nanu and nani as of now. I promise I will go to daycare once they will go back….


  7. Hey let him have some with his grandprents…He’ll readjust back after they are gone..

  8. My 2 cents – Let him enjoy his time with his grandparents whom he so obviously adores. That could be your birthday present to him πŸ™‚
    It was heart breaking reading about him clinging to you at the daycare 😦

  9. I guess you have got enough advices from others about what to do. I know it must have been so hard on you, to see him crying like this. He is still quite small. Sometimes it is really good to stop thinking too much and let your instincts take over. I also think the easiest is not always the worst, sometimes even the best! πŸ™‚
    But, whatever decision you take, stick to it.

  10. easiest “Solution” I meant πŸ™‚

  11. I am late but yeah sometimes its such a tough decision. I would say one day here and there hardly matters. Let him enjoy with his grandparents. Kids generally adjust easily.
    And hugs to you! I know what you must have gone through 😦

  12. awww..that must have been terrible for you…its so hard when they cry…

    hope he’s settled down now,…

  13. i was about to say maintain his schedule of daycare. perhaps let him take more holidays but don’t stop altogether. but then i saw the overwhelming demand by more experienced parents to let him have the one month of fun.

    wow!! i must remember that when it is time for us to take such painful decisions for the cub

    i hope you did let him have that month of fun, after all!!!!

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