Multiple Choice Questions

May 15, 2008 at 8:53 am | Posted in Just Like That | 8 Comments

1. Whats worse ?
a. Not being aware of the health problems you are prone to ?
b. Being aware and not doing anything ?

2. Whats more stupid ?
a. Asking a silly question ?
b. Not asking any question, thinking that it might be silly ?
c. Hoping that someone will ask your question ?

3. Whats better when you travel in auto ?
a. Hiring with a fix amount , when you know that it is double the meter amount.
b. Hiring with meter + x extra , when you don’t know how fast the meter might be.



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  1. 1.(b)

    2. I don’t think if it can be called stupid, but if I have to really chose it would be (c)

    3. (a) its better to know the risk in hand than going for an auto where you do not know how much it will cost you 🙂

  2. Okies.. this is like going back to college.. MCQ’s

    1–> b.. no doubt about that.. (b) is more sadist..

    2–> c.. thats too much leaving to probabilty

    3–> c.. none of these that means.. its very time/place oriented question. different cities have different fundas.. also.. a & b might end up being the same as well

  3. 1. (a) Not being aware is negligence. Its like throwing our education/intelligence out of the window. Being aware and taking no action is our conscious choice.

    2. (b) The most stupid part is “thinking that it might be silly”.

    3. I am assuming this question is for a city that you are not familiar with. (a) as explained by ~nm earlier.

  4. These are hard questions!
    I started to type something and then changed my answers again!!
    Whyyyyyy are you asking these?

  5. You know what…I love the way you think..Everyday you have something new and that is why I read your blog first..Very good idea about MCQ
    Here is ny answers
    1. b.
    2. c.
    3. b.


  6. I like your idea about guessing game..thus thought will do the same…Hope you didn’t mind..


  7. here are my answers.
    1 – b
    2 – b
    3 – in B’lore – a – because of longer distances – the meter might triple also!!

    why have u asked these questions??

  8. I asked to know if you think like I do. So in some cases yes , in some cases no.
    My answers were a ,b and b.

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