BhoothNath is okay for kids ????

May 12, 2008 at 8:55 am | Posted in Movie, Parenting | 7 Comments

Do you think movies like Bhooth Nath are meant for kids and should be shown to kids ???
My answer is NO
Reasons :
1. We do not know ghost exists or not. How can we burden small minds with questions which even great scientists have not been able to answer to satisfaction.
2. Even if they do (if you say so) , I don’t think its wise to tell the kids that people who die would still be around in the form of ghosts.
3. I do not think we should tell our kids to find friends or help from supernatural powers.

Okay , so what there are so many movies made on super natural powers.

1. Yeah , And we need to find the content before we allow our kids to see them.
2. In most of those movies we can tell them that the super natural power is fictional , while here the Grand father comes back as ghost.



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  1. Yeah I agree. And thinking smililarly on what things we are teaching our kids, I do not appreciate our panchtantra stories. They talk how a person lies and how a person deceits the other and stuff like that. I know in the end they do tell that good wins over the bad but still I somehow do not like to tell these stories to Anirudh.

    So be it any movie or any story, I’m not in for them at all!

  2. Do they advertise it as a movie for kids??

    Casper the friendly ghost seems to go well with kids!

  3. hmm a point to be pondered…

  4. Gradfather as a ghost?!! OMG–last thing I need is that.
    My kids are definitely not watching this one.

  5. Ditto my thoughts! Maybe the first half was fine, I found the second half too senti.

  6. soliatre : They do , atleast implicitly. I even heard AB saying so in an interview.

  7. I agree with Solitaire – Casper goes down well with kids… I remember – we used to love those cartoons and movies when we were kids 🙂
    But, Bhoothnath – not sure – haven’t watched the movie and lets not go to the movie as yet – the attire and look of Mr. Bachan itself is scary enough!! Ghosts – friendly ones – need to be pleasing to the eye as well – don’t u think?!!! 😉

    Also, Ghostbusters was fun…

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