What’s in my Bag

May 9, 2008 at 8:32 am | Posted in Tags | 2 Comments

~NM tagged me for this one and here I go :

2-3 Lipsticks

1 Bindi strip

1 Comb

1 polythene bag

1-2 SN

My Id Card

My Office keys

My Home Keys

A Diary

A pack of face tissues

Mobile Hands Free

Mobile Charger (sometimes)

Umbrella (Usually, since it rains right at 6 P.M in Bangalore)

Some safety pins

Money ofcourse which includes lots of 10’s and coins for Auto Wallas

A small card holder for credit /debit cards

A hair clip

So you know , my bag is “Bhanumati ka Pitara” in true sense , but then thats are ladies handbags for 😛 Good part is all the things are sorted in different pockets for ease of use.

I tag Mama Mia and JLT for this.



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  1. But I still beat you with my list 😀 And my list wasn’t even a complete list.

  2. Was thinking it couldn’t be as easy peasy as the other one, but LOL! OK, this one is easy peasy too…:-DWill take it up.

    Sorry to hear bout your maid’s niece. Very infortunate and sad, indeed.

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