My Amusing Mind.. As It Wanders

May 6, 2008 at 7:14 am | Posted in Thoughts | 5 Comments

Today morning , while I was travelling in auto , the stopped at a red light. Next to the auto was a big red AC volvo bus.The auto driver touched the bus and looked at it with some sort of admiration. That action of his initiated a series of thoughts in my amusing mind , as follows.

Why did he do so ? May be he dreams to drive the bus some day , a big AC bus. Or may be he wants to sit in the bus and enjoy the AC. A dust free peaceful ride. Will his dream ever come true. He might have never experienced AC. He might never will. I will pray he will. Actually I will pray that every man and woman should experience all they aspire atleast for day. That there should be at least one day in everyone’s life when they feel that I want no more and this is the best I ever wanted. That day may not be same for everyone , but just one day.

And then that led to a different set of thoughts all together , like, what will happen if my prayer will come true. Will it create more problems ? Will be people be more unhappy after that day ? Can there be such a day actually , when humans can say , I am happiest on earth today , there can be nothing more I can wish for myself.

I could have continued with the thought process forever, but then the destination arrived and I payed the amount due and walked into my office.

Editted to Add : After reading the comments I would like to say that the post was just a spontaneous thought flow triggered by the auto driver’s action. I agree that happiness is just a perception , I also agree that being content hampers growth sometimes , but all I wished for was EVERYONE getting a day (just a day),when one feels like a king , for example if I ever wished to be the CEO of my company and thought that is the best that could happen to me in this life , let me be the CEO for one day and live my life to full.
As its said :
“Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.” – Robert Frost



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  1. You wrote “That there should be at least one day in everyone’s life when they feel that I want no more and this is the best I ever wanted. That day may not be same for everyone , but just one day.”

    Happiness is all perceptive. That day can be TODAY if only YOU would look at it that way!

    Somehow I do not agree with being content and I do not agree with being negatively competitive also. If people wouldn’t dream, they would not strive towards it!

  2. See Please Here

  3. 🙂

    i guess each one of us is perfectly content on few days every now and then!!

    and it may be a big dream come true or a small unexpected kindness received!

    its all in the mind afterall!



  4. I think most of us have such moments – for example when someone very close to us escapes a crisis or when we get something we wanted badly . trouble is we forget it over time and think we have never been that happy in our lives. Human mind, I tell you!

  5. 🙂

    Very nice post Swati… I really think that happiness is a state of mind…
    so, I agree with NM, when she says that “Happiness is all perspective”

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