A BAD Day Out

May 5, 2008 at 9:48 am | Posted in Day Out | 5 Comments

Since the time we went for a day out with Aryan in February and Aryan just loved it , we were looking for another day out. Since we had nothing much for this saturday , I went hunting for a near by resort early in the morning over the web. I found one , a well known group of south India and quite near by. I called them up and asked for the details.

And so I packed Parantha and sandwitches for Aryan and some fruits and cold drinks for us , to nibble. Made a quick mango shake and garlic bread for breakfast , before Aryan woke up. As soon as he woke up , we all got ready and started off. The plan was to meet a friend on the way to see their newly born princess and then head towards the resort for lunch. Stay back for High tea and then return back.

All went well, till we reach the resort. The newly born little princess was too cute ( as babies always are) and Aryan was amused to see such small baby.We reached the resort , right at lunch time. But it was way too hot for a day out.

When we reached there, and told them that we have come out for their day out package and that we spoke to a lady in the morning. I was asked , as to how much were the charges told to me. The dumb me told them all the details and we were asked to have food first. The food was not as rich and good as expected. Soon after the food we were charged the full amount for the day out.

Then we headed to explore the resort. To our surprise the swimming pool was too dirty for humans. There were no shady green areas to sit and play. The sun was bad and I was cursing myself to choose a wrong day and a wrong place. We again headed to the reception to complain about the pool. Now there was a lady and when we asked for the charges of day out package we were told 150 RS less per person than what we were actually charged :O

I got quite furious at the whole thing and demaned them to show me a written tarrif plan. Which was not there obviously!

So soon they called their boss , who apologized (though he did not tell why we were charged extra!!) for the pool to be dirty. He told that it was due to the rains and storm last night (well , I wanted to tell him that rains were 3 days back!) and that he was not aware of the pool being dirty (Thats your administration :P). We told him that we would like our money back except for the lunch. They returned us the rest of the money. Though I still wanted to tell him , to show me the written document for the amount they charged for lunch buffet and that the buffet was just half the price, I just left it there.

We headed towards home , and the AC in the car seemed so heavenly with Aryan sleeping in my lap.

P.S : Can anyone suggest me tried and tested day out destinations in Bangalore please?



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  1. Why don’t you try Eagle Ridge? I have stayed there one weekend and it was bliss. Food was good too, lots of greenery, clean pool too, but yes do go in a group else you could get bored!

    Another great place is Guest line Resorts in Attibele. I have had great fun with my family here too and plus lots of activities to, swimming pool, mini golf course, TT, and lots of games for kids too

    I have stayed at both the places, and both can be a day out option too..

    cheers 🙂

  2. What a bad experience…
    I haven’t visited a resort yet with my family, but from team-outings – I have been to some pretty bad places as well!!
    *Sorry, not being very helpful here*

  3. Pick your tag here

  4. AHHH..That was a bad experience..

  5. ouch!!

    wish you had mentioned the name, so that we can stay away too!! 😦

    i havent been on any day trips either to resorts!! so cant really help ya here!!

    hope next outing is LOT better!


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