Advertising on Roads Through Handouts

April 3, 2008 at 6:44 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Advertising on Roads Through Handouts

Have you seen people giving handouts to the pedestrians by road sides? If you walk by the Airport road in Bangalore ,you will find one at evert 10 meters. What do you do when you see some one giving  pamphlets ? May be I should do a poll on this. By my experience , I have seen that more than 90% of people take it and crush it and throw it right away , without even reading the information on it. Others read it and then throw it. I don’t think that even 0.1 % people read the full thing and preserve it for use later. We do not even bother to preserve it to dispose in the next bin. Ofcourse one reason to which is very few/NO bins by road sides in India.

For past sometime I politely refuse to accept these handouts as I know that I do not need any home loan, car loan, inssurance , broad band or computer education.What about the flyers that come with newspapers. I use them too , for Aryan to do drawing on the reverse side or for wrapping waste products.

Do you think its fair to waste so many resourses on these flyers and then throw them just to make the place unclean ? Give it a thought ?



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  1. It is a mere waste of resources. But there is no way this can be stopped.

  2. Like you said, I keep them if they have a white blank side for Betu to color and sometimes use it to make my grocery list as well. I rarely read them or preserve them.

    Sorry can’t vote on your poll since my option is not there.

    But then you can’t put a ban on advertising. If you look at the amounts spent on electronic advertising and the waste that happens there you would be flabbergasted. Handout advertising is hardly a waste in front of them.

  3. Simply waste..I make boat for aryan with that..

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