How would you feel ?

March 27, 2008 at 10:06 am | Posted in Introspection | 6 Comments

There is a little thing that pinched me twice during the Goa trip. You may find it funny too, here is what happened.

We ate at a shack and the dish had a typical odour. Anupam told the guy and he replies , “No Sir, it cannot be. We have foriegners coming here , how can we serve them if its bad.”

Does that mean that its okay to serve bad to Indians ?

At another place , there was a 10 feet broad pathway and I was standing on one side. The host of the place comes with a foriegner and tells me to give the way.

I was also a guest in that place and I bet, I am not THAT FAT.

How would you feel , if you were me ?



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  1. In the first case I would have probably asked the server what you have written here.. if he would have served bad food if only Indians were coming there.

    I’m not sure if I’ve the picture right, but if I was in the way I wouldn’t have minded him asking me to give way. But if it meant to give unduly preference to the foreigner then I would not have taken it well.

  2. Its sad that we are given second preference in our own country inspite of paying the same amt of money to eat food in the hotel. somehow, foreign and foreigner are the two words that make people jump even today..

  3. ~nm : I am sure I would not have felt bad if it was that simple.

    Timepass : True ..I noticed it a few times but these 2 incidents were too explicit to ignore

  4. White skin is treated with too much reverence. And we are saying that we are independent! As long as we don’t respect our own folk, how can we expect them to respect us?

  5. That is really outrageous – asking you to give way to the foreigner. What Asha said is very true.

  6. sad! that all tourists are not treated the same way! this might be because the foreigners give huge tips to them..

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