What Has Changed

March 20, 2008 at 7:40 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

What Has Changed

Life changes when you get married and then when you have kids. And so do people , just a introspectory post on what has changed in me as a person (good or bad) and what still needs a change.

I used to be too puntual for anyone to believe. I used to reach to class ,office , outings , dinners and whatever you can think off , ahead of time.And used to fight with friends , who used to get late by even 1-2 mins for making me wait. Good that all of them are far away now , to see how I am changed.These days time runs faster than me and I have stopped trying to be puntual. A puntual person once is a latecomer now. This sure NEEDS A CHANGE , ATLEAST A LITTLE.

Politics and stock market never interested me. I used to know little about politics , coz I had to while market used to be a alien to me. Thanks to Anupam and his interests in politics and market, I can now speak a little on these issues at the lunch in office.

I used to listen to a lot of music. On TV , all the music channels were my faviourites. Music doesnot interest Anupam much and so catching up with each other , I lost my interest in music. Though its soon to redevelop , thanks to Aryan , who has started showing interest in Music. Now thats a different story that Aryan likes High Pitch ,high beat fast music unlike me.

Chatting with friends on phone for long times was something I enjoyed. They also looked up to me for advice and conselling. Now with time I have started loosing touch with them This ofcourse is BAD.

I was once too short tempered and aggressive in teens. Which did change and continued the same way after marriage. But of recent I have noticed that I am again becoming short tempered and impatient. Which again is a REAL BAD BAD thing especially with the kid.SO I NEED TO CHANGE THIS BACK TO NORMAL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Internet has become my friend only after marrige and mainly in pregnancy. Now I resort to this for all my doubts , be it through blogs , forums or general articles.

Well you know this already , but still , for the sake of it, I have grown BIG after wedding and gained a LOT.NEEDLESS TO SAY , I CHANGE IS SEEKED HERE.

I used to be a  super slow worker with household and a super fast worker at office works. This did not change too much after wedding too , since we had enough time , we being alone in the city. We could do everything lesiurely. But thanks to Aryan , I HAD changed with house work , or atleast with cooking. Though with cleaning and other things , the bigger the mess the lesser the speed.It doesnot work , I HAVE TO BE FASTER and SMARTER And yes , when something gets added somewhere , something gets substracted too. So I subtracted the ‘Super’ from office works :P.

I used to be technically updated before marriage , though I would not say I used to be TOO sound , but now technical reading has come to a ZERO. BAD FOR CAREER, NEED A CHANGE.At the same time I switched to reading a lot about parenting and kid related stuff , which is good. I have stopped reading literature and soft skills books , which again is BAD , but I am ok with this ..coz the rest is more important.

Cannot think of more now , though there will be more for sure. Will edit it for that later. Plus will introspect again after a few months

How have you changed ? Looking for an intropective posts from a few of you.



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  1. That sure is quite an introspective post!

    Its like those “Before” and “Now” comparisons that we see in the mags after the makeovers 🙂

  2. Hmm.. Did you copy the post from my mind?? Yeah, life changes after baby!

  3. So much I can relate..I will do a post…about this topic..

  4. the simplest of all…prior to marriage it was just me and me and me… my career, my studies, my home, my hobbies …and many more “ME” …but after marriage it becomes “US” moreover “Someone else”…family and all….Isnt it? We dont change..Just our priorities get change…

  5. ~nm : LOL
    asha : Nahi yaar ..I bet i did not copy 🙂
    AM: I am waiting
    Anon : I aggree with what you said.

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