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March 10, 2008 at 7:33 am | Posted in Blog Designs | 6 Comments

I got too bored with my previous blog designs and was trying different things from sometime. I think, now I am done with the changes. I would stick to this look on ‘Times of Aryan’ and the current look on my blog for a few months atleast πŸ™‚

Also in this process, I lost my linked list to other blogs…sigh. Have been creating a fresh list , with Baby blogs on ‘Times of Aryan’ and rest here. That process is still ongoing.I do read everyone from the reader and its a time taking process to add all the links back if you were here before and you are no longer seen here and on ‘Times of Aryan’ as well , wait , you will be soon be back at one of the two places πŸ™‚

Thanks for all your compliments here and looking forward to your latest feedback.

P.S. I cannot close , without thanking Aryan’s Tai Ji for her help on the design of Aryan’s blog and the background of this blog.



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  1. I like your title picture — thoughts trickle from the mind like droplets from leaves!

  2. Its a very pretty header and I like the soft muted colours of the backgound. Lovely!

  3. Thanks Bhuwan ..Nice way to look at it.

    Tharini , its so good to see you here. And a compliment from a creative person like you is great πŸ™‚

  4. Nice work!

  5. blog looks beautiful!

  6. at first I thought you are commenting on your own blog πŸ˜›

    its later that I realised it was some other swati..teeheehee…

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