Thats How It Went

January 28, 2008 at 9:01 am | Posted in Birthday | 2 Comments

The Birthday was not as much fun , as I wanted it to be ..but here is the story.

I had ordered a midnight surprise cake and flowers for my husband. My husband does not like choclates and so I ordered a pineapple cake. But choco cake was delivered. Other shopping portals are offering the same deal in less. I chose to shop with this portal ,inspite of it being costly , since they offered different flavours and they have built a good will with me earlier. But I was completely dissappointed. Plus they called up at 11.00 , to break the surprise. Good that it was me who picked up the phone , to which he told me that the guy has left for delivery and will call you if need be.I understand that they should call up if the address is difficult to trace. But they should understand that the product is a Midnight Surprise and the surprise should be maintained as far as possible.

Another goof up was , Anupam slept early and I was the one who waited. I did not sleep for the fear of missing the door bell. When the guy came Anupam could not hear the door bell and I missed seeing the surprise on his face. I woke him up after I arranged the cake and the flowers. He was happy but he said he expected that I am upto something , since inspite of being a ‘sleepa-holic’ , I was awake till late 😛

Any ways we enjoyed cutting the cake and having it at midnight , followed by tea.

But I have two lesson to learn , I should either get more innovative or stop planning surprises. I should stop planning midnight surprises , since me being awake till late , makes it obvious and plus we miss Aryan during the celebration.

Dinner was postponed for Sunday and Anupam did not wish to drive in friday traffic. Though we did not go on Sunday too , due to unexpected guests..but we will go sooner or later 😉

P.S : There were not many pics that I clicked , but I will update atleast one ..soooooon.



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  1. Anyway even though some goof ups were there..anyway your hubby was happy..that is what you need..
    Good work swathi..
    Aryan’s mom

  2. first time here… this was such a lovely surprise.. your husband must have felt so nice…

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