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A – Available? – Ohh Yes…But you did not ask for what ? *see my innocent face*
B – Best Friend – I have so many good friends but I could never figure out who I consider THE BEST!
C – Cake or pie – cake
D – Drink of choice – Water
E – Essential thing used everyday – Comb
F – Favorite Color – Pink,white,sky blue
G – Gummi bears or worms – Gummi bears ..Who likes worms btw ?
H – Hometown – Meerut
I – Indulgence – ice cream!
J – January or February – Both ..My better half was born in Jan and He became mine in Feb
K – Kids and names – Aryan The Great
L – Life is incomplete without – Loved ones
M – Marriage Date – Feb 16
N – Number of siblings – One
O – Oranges or apples – Apples ..I get acidity from citrus fruits.
P – Phobias or fears – Read them here
Q – Quote – “When you think you can , you can.”
R – Reason to smile – A smiling face
S – Season – Spring
T – Tag three people – Aryan’s Mom ,K3 and ‘Ki Jana Main Kaun’
U – Unknown fact about me – How do I know …its UNKNOWN right ?
V – Vegetable you don’t like – Bottle Gourd and Colocasia(Arbi)
W – Worst habit – Nose Picking
X – X-rays you have had – Knees
Y – Your favorite food – Chole Bhature
Z – Zodiac – Libra

PS : Tomorrow I am off for my brother’s wedding ..see you on 7th.



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  1. Will do the tag. NIce to know more about you..
    Aryan’s mom

  2. Have fun at your brother’s wedding.

  3. Have a blast at the wedding.

  4. Hey! Here’s something for you to see!! Read on….

  5. Aryan has something specical in my blog

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