Aaja Nachle

December 21, 2007 at 7:56 am | Posted in Fun Stuff, Movie | 3 Comments

As always , I am not going to write any reviews here. There are enough number of places to read good and bad reviews about the movie. And one of my blog friend also did a tremendous job of writing a great review for the movie.

What I just want to say is that I liked it, inspite of the fact that I saw a pirated version on small screen with bad sound quality. Infact I happened to watch it , when I switched on my TV on sunday afternoon and tuned into the local channel. And it was irresistable , though I don’t like watching pirated versions (well , not only for ethical reasons , but also because the poor quality spoils the experience.)

It had everything that I expect from Madhuri Dixshit and Yashraj. Cinematography , casting , music , sets , costumes , dialogues , everything was just too perfect. Madhuri was excellent.I was definitely hooked. It can sure leave a impact on big screen.

So why didn’t it clicked ? Probably because it had certain things we would not expect , atleast in India. Like Madhuri had no regrets about eloping and getting married to a wrong person, like she did not comeback looking out for her parents but for her teacher on death bed , like she worked too hard against all odds to keep her dead teacher’s word (in today’s world ?). Also because it left some questions unanswered. Who will take care of theater after she leaves? What will happen to her future? Will she marry the MP ? And her broken hearted lover , who has been waiting for her all these years ?

But then aren’t we supposed to imagine certain things.It was an happy ending , but with a difference . Not the usual , “And they lived happily together” kinds.

I would definitely want to read from people who did not like it.No , not from critics , who sit just to find faults , but from a general audience.



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  1. Not seen it yet. Have heard of mixed responses to the movie… and also read all the unanswered questions 🙂
    Will let you know if I can catch it on my cable 🙂

  2. Not seen the movie yet..Will see just for madhuri…
    Aryan’s Mom

  3. Have seen the movie…liked Madhuri, who carried the whole movie till the end. As far as unanswered questions are concerned I agree that we need to imagine certain things and in fact good for movie. I think if She would have married to MP or her broken heart lover, it would have been a typical hindi film.

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