Number Four!

December 3, 2007 at 4:11 pm | Posted in Introspection, Tags | 3 Comments

Here I am completing another home work given by Madam Naina 🙂 ..Tag of Four ..

Four Ladies I admire

My GrandMother
My Director in Office
Kiran Bedi
My Mother

Four Favourite Foods

Rajma Chawal
Chole Bhature
Masala Dosa…. well, I can write more here..;-)

Four Favourite Drinks

Strawberry milkshake
Jal jeera

Four Fondest memories

Of Summer Vacations at my Grandparents place
Of Planning and construction of our house
Of my hostel life in delhi
Of my Honeymoon at Manali

Four Unforgettable Days

First day to PG College
My First date with Anupam
My Wedding Day
The day Aryan was born

And now time for confession …Four things I should work on

My Weight
My Time Management
My Professional Growth
My Temper



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  1. Nice…
    I’m taking up this tag Swati! I loved what you have written and by now, you must have realised – I like doing them too!!! 😉

  2. You are welcome Pixie ..I did not tag anyone coz I thought everyone must be done by now.

  3. Nice! Probably you should pass this around. I didn’t see anyone doing this.

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