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November 29, 2007 at 3:59 pm | Posted in Tags | 4 Comments

Our song ..we have quite a few , can I write all pleaseeee.

We love the song ..”Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna ..Yeh Hum Nahi..” and its our all time favourite.

And who wouldn’t love ..”Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye..”

Another all time favourite is “Pyaar Ka Dard Hai ..Meetha Meetha ..” ..hehheheh ..

I also love “Chura Liya Hai Tumne Joh Dil Ko..” and even “Jaano Meri Jaan …Tu Mera Main Teri…”, don’t ask me the reasons …first one because I love the music and second one because I would love to be naughty and bold enough to sing that loud in public …at least once in my life …hehheheh..thats the naughty kid in me.

And Anupam is crazy about all the songs from Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein (RHTDM), a tamil remake.He finds them too romantic and sensous ..especially ..”Zara Zara Mehakta hai ..”So these are the songs we always enjoy together πŸ™‚

Thanks MNamma ..for helping me preserve these memories.



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  1. Thanks for doing the tag Swati! And those are really beautiful songs. I love ‘chura liya hai tumne joh dil ko’. Have you written about your engagement story yet?

  2. heyyyyyyyyy found you again πŸ™‚ how have you been gal? And hows naughty lil Aryan? catching up on all the blogs now..I have been away too πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Mnamma ..will do the engagement tag soon.

    Hey Trishna, thanks for checking on me. Aryan is doing great.

  4. Lovely set of songs! πŸ™‚
    I still can’t remember “our” song… I still think we don’t have one, but my husband insists we do and for the life of me – I haven’t been able to remember! 😦

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