Awarded !

November 29, 2007 at 3:37 pm | Posted in Awards | 4 Comments

When I just took the break ..I was awarded by two of my blogger friends ..Collection Of Stars and Pixie and this is what they said about me respectively:
“She leaves the most apt comments. I think she has shut shop for some time but I hope she gets back real soon.”
“She too writes well, her posts have always left a mark on my mind and she always comments on my posts! :-)”

So like it always happens ..the person who is awarded is asked , “How do you feel Today ?”

I did the same to myself ..”How do I feel..did I expected this ?” I feel great , excited and enthusiastic ..and I never expected this. This blog was started spontaneously one day and the purpose was just to pen down my thoughts.Something like a daily diary. As it went on , I figured that it works great to stress out. Also I enjoyed getting opinions from strangers (not so strangers now) about the deepest of my thoughts , without being judged.

So the journey continued ..and this daily diary of mine became a hobby and a passion. Writing a few lines and reading some from others , works like a great stress buster. I know that there are people who think alike , who face similiar problems , who live a life like I do. And also , people with a different outlook , which is not that bad too.It also became my way to socialize and interact with the world beyond work and home. So my husband who often asks me , as to why I am so emotionally attached to my blog , would have got his answers probably.

And , now that I know that a few people do look forward to read from me , IT DOES MAKE ME FEEL GREAT ..THANK YOU COS ,PIXIE and ALL THOSE WHO READ FROM ME.

So now that I am done with my Thank You speech ..its my turn to make someone’s day.. 😀

Gauri : For the effort she puts in each post.
WIAN : For her honest and timely comments and her simple and straight forward writing.
MNAmma : For managing twins and blogging so well and commenting so often ..hats off 🙂



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  1. Swati,
    Thanks you so much girl! I am touched 🙂 And it is good to have you back on blogosphere after the break!

  2. Swati 🙂
    I echo your feelings
    I feel great , excited and enthusiastic ..and I never expected this

    Thanks a a ton.
    And yes, you deserve the award.

  3. You do deserve the award you know! 🙂

  4. Mnamma : 🙂 you deserve.

    WIAN ,Pixie : Thanks

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