On The Eve Of The "THE DAY"

September 30, 2007 at 3:04 pm | Posted in Birthday | 6 Comments



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  1. HAppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Birthday,dearie!! Hope you have a great great day.. and a wonderful year! Waiting to see pics!

  2. Hey Happy Birthday Dear….

    Each year your birthday reminds me
    That I really want to say
    I’m very glad I know you;
    On your birthday,
    I wish for you the fulfillment
    of all your fondest dreams.
    I hope that for every candle
    on your cake
    you get a wonderful surprise.
    I wish for you that
    whatever you want most in life,
    it comes to you,
    just the way you imagined it,
    or better.
    I hope you get as much pleasure
    from our friendship as I do.
    I look forward to
    enjoying our friendship
    for many more of your birthdays.
    I’m so glad you were born,
    because you brighten my life
    and fill it with joy.

  3. Belated wishes. Hope you had a wonderful day. Here’s wishing you a splendid year ahead.

  4. Trishna : Thank you soooooooo much 🙂

    J :What a sweeeet message..thanks.

    Usha : Today is my Birthday ..you are not late. Thanks 🙂

  5. Firstly belated wishes…:)
    but then I cant see any of your posts? Why? why? why?

  6. Swati, me again
    The archives shows there are 11 posts from you in Oct, but I cant see them. What is wrong?

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