Of My Phobia

September 27, 2007 at 10:23 am | Posted in Memories, Phobia | 5 Comments

Do you remember yourself being scared of something , since you were young and without knowing the reasons of your fear. I have had two such fears ever since I was born. Yes, even before my memory lasts.

I am scared of Buses and Horses. Yes I AM. In my late twenties, I still AM. ‘Why?’ is what I could never know. But yes I did ride a horse and I did ride a bus ofcourse. Funny part is , I am not scared of any of the two , while using them. I mean, when I was riding the horse I was not scared. And I am not scared when I am inside a bus.

But my mom told me that I used to cry at the sight of a bus and it was always tough to handle me at a bus stand. When I was young, I remember my heart beating fast at the sight of a running bus.My friends would laugh at how my bycycle would go off the road , when I would see a bus coming.

Same it was with horses. When a running horse’s feet tap on the road , I feel the tap in my heart and on my head.

Things did improve as I grew up. I am not not THAT scared of buses anymore. I did travel in DTC buses in delhi for 2 years and that helped me wave off 99% of my fear. But still sometimes I feel a slight increase in my heartbeat , when I see a bus , while I cross the road. If thats a Truck , I don’t mind 😛

Could it be that I was run away by a bus in my previous birth ..hehehe..sounds stupid ..but well that can be the ONLY reason.

Whatever it is , since childhood I have been making a concious effort to get rid of this and success has been coming slowly. Still have to work on horses though 😀

Do write about your Fears and Phobias , if any ?



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  1. Fear of Buses?? Very unique

  2. I’ve always had fear of heights and it hasn’t gotten any better with time.

  3. Wow I had never heard about anyone being scared of buses or horses!I have a great fear of snakes and height. I hate going to the snake park section of any zoo and avoid any of those roller coaster rides too because of the fear.

  4. hehehe… I have a great fear of cows and their big horns. In my childhood I use to run away from market if I come across a cow with big horns. Till now I found myself praying and mumbling “hanuman chalisa” if a cow is standing nearby.

  5. Swati,

    > Could it be that I was run away by
    > a bus in my previous birth
    > ..hehehe..sounds stupid ..but well
    > that can be the ONLY reason.

    Yes, that could be the ONLY reason. I believe that most of our phobias rest in the related traumatic experiences we might have had to go through in the past life or lives.

    No, I don’t think you are stupid. I think you are being very logical.


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