Birds and the Bees Tag

September 27, 2007 at 9:33 am | Posted in Fun Stuff, Tags | 3 Comments

Oh Dear JLT , why did you so this. I always prayed to avoid this tag. When I was tagged I thought of wrting a formal apology. But then I thought, I should not quit , so let me just do it. Here it goes :

On a Saturday afternoon or in any late evening,
when there is silence and the baby is sleeping ,
HE and SHE will find a corner,
And hope the time lasts forever.

Yes thats it , you know I am not too innovative at ANY thing.. 😀

P.S : I may decide to take this post offline in a few days.

Ohh..BTW ..whoever wishes to be a sport and make it public can pick this up ….



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  1. 😀

    And after writing it in such a poetic way you say you are not innovative in any way?? rolling my yes

  2. And it’s actually very nicely written !

  3. Youre a great S-P-O-R-T!!!! ;D
    Last forever… lol! till Aryan wakes!! lol!

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