College and Friends

September 26, 2007 at 5:47 am | Posted in IncidentsFromCollege, Memories | 7 Comments

About 8 years back, S took admission in a PG college.It was her Day 1 in college. She was having some butterflies in her tummy. She was perhaps one of the last person to join the class and she had to pay for that.After about 15 mins , a girl came to class in a Sari. She had a pleasant smile and was looking lovely. The entire class stood up to say Good Morning. S, confused, joined everyone. S was thinking , is this lady a faculty or a senior. She was told that her name is J and she is a senior. J asked S to give her introduction and S followed religiously. Then she was told that this was not the correct way of giving introduction and S followed the instructions. Suddenly everyone started laughing. WHY ? Her classmates played a prank on her. J was from same class and Sari , that was the dress code for wednesdays :P.

Soon the class was full and there was a faculty. A was another girl in the class. Next day another female joined the college , her name was S1. Now it was a class of 40 students and S was one among the four girls.

J was a simple girl , with a sweet smile and a pleasing personality.She was not extraordinarily beautiful , but yet had a charm that could win n number of friends.She stayed in a hostel.

A was exremely thin , simple , but sharp and witty. She was a day scholar.

S1 was quiet and shy. She believed in not messing with anyone and just to the needful. She again was a day scholar.

S , well she is the storyteller and you all know her already. She was a day scholar too , but she stayed with her Uncle.

They were all different , but yet they had something in common , which led them to a great friendship. They shared an good chemistry and always complimented each other. J would run into some problems due to her irresistable charming nature and she would have A and S for her rescue. J and S1 would compete with each other for “who will be the topper” and A and S would closely follow. And together they would give a complex to the boys. S1 and S would drive A and J to their places and to markets on their 2 wheelers. Ohhh , there are some hundred stories like that.

Now , time has passed and as they graduated they progessed in life. They are happily married in different corners of the country. They have not met together for atleast 3 years now. J and S surely met , but that too about 1.5 years back. But atleast on days like today, they still think of each other. Like now , S is thinking, “Why is A not picking her phone ? Is she in some problem (God Forbid) ? Is she out of station? Did he changed her number ? Is she just sleeping ?” She is thinking , if there is any other way to wish A , A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! Happy Birthday dear friend.



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  1. Yeah…. A Very Happy Birthday to A. And S, dont worry…she will be all fine. I had a word with her last week only…Also had a word with S1 just few min back. She is again moving to haryana. Jiju got a change in job….

    Just missing that yummy matar chaat……especially today….

    wanna see you all…just wishing we all to be together again…the same way that we discussed some time back…S, do you remember?

  2. lovely post. could feel the laughs that would have been shared, among many other things..:-D

  3. πŸ˜€ Quite a sweet and nostalgic post. Don’t we get that big big smile when we think of yesteryears with our friends πŸ˜€

  4. sweet sweet post..Wishing you friend A a very happy birthday!By the way, dear S when is your birthday??

  5. J : Thanks for coming in FINALLY ! I spoke to A at night and she is good. Yes I wish to have a reunion asap and have fun. Let the hubbies take care of kids :D.

    JLT : Thanks ..yes we had a lot of fun , as everyone do in college , but yet everyone finds his/her college life special , isn’t it ?

    ~nm : Exactly ! Those were the days πŸ˜€

    Trishna : Thanks. Will convey your wishes. S has her Birthday , early in next month , but how eaarly is a good question ..wait for the THE DAY ..I wont mind asking for your good wishes and wishing myself on my page ..:P

  6. What a nostalgic post and I see J commenting too πŸ™‚
    I had a similar group in college. We were 4 of us too! Oh how I miss those days 😦

    BTW, Dear S, you are tagged. Sorry to be bogging you with it, I had no choice but to pass it! πŸ™‚ You will realise when you see the rule 3!

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