Birthday Plans :(

September 14, 2007 at 11:59 am | Posted in Birthday | 8 Comments

This year beginning , when we saw the calender to find out that a leave on my Birthday , makes it an extra long weekend, we thought we can go for a vacation then. Our most awaited destination for a vacation has been Goa. And so we thought of a Goa trip. But with the situation today I had to turn it down. About 15 days to my Birthday , things are not as I expected.

Aryan is just up from severe infection and still in recovering phase.Don’t know if he will be able to take the stress. Plus with 4 leaves taken during his sickness , one more seems costly.

Aryan is still on bottle feed , and I am not sure how to manage hygine while travelling.

Aryan still does not walk. I expected him to walk by now.

No , I am not blaming it to him. Just that I don’t feel confident. Some of you may say , I never will. Others will say I am not sporty enough.But then my instincts doesn’t allow me.

So , probably my Birthday will be jsut another working day. Lets see.



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  1. If neither you nor hubby feel comfortable enough to cope, then maybe you should just trust your instincts.:-)
    Hope Aryan is well on the road to recovery. However, if there are still two weeks to go, maybe you need to wait and watch..maybe you’ll feel differently some days down the line:-)

  2. Hi Swati,
    My first time commenting here. Hope Aryan feels better soon. It is better to follow your instincts and postpone the trip a little bit. My best wishes for your birthay. You can always plan the trip a little bit later. After all it is the happiness that matters the most and not the particular day.

  3. Hope Aryan feels better soon. Trust your instincts. If not goa, try a candle light dinner 🙂

  4. Aryan’s health is getting worse. He developed some stomach infection and fever ..:(

  5. Hi… hope Aryan gets better soon…
    Hugs to you and the little one – hoping that he recovers soon…

  6. Oh oh!
    I hope Aryan recovers soon enough. At his age, most kids are like this, even mine were. Dont worry, Swati, he will be fine.

  7. Uh oh.. Get well soon Aryan ! And have a happy birthday Swati

  8. Hey swati, how is Aryan feeling now? I hope he is better.. and also hope u can have a great b’day!

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