Fighting over the bottle

September 3, 2007 at 12:28 pm | Posted in Parenting, Talks about Aryan | 11 Comments

I was planning for this since quite a long time.But I did not have the courage. So each weekend I would have one of the following excues ready.”He is not well today”,”Guests will be here , we don’t want a cranky baby that time”,”We have to do some unavoidable shopping, he will trouble without milk” and what not.

This weekend though I decided to go for this, without a second thought.So I started on saturday morning.He had just one sip and then we compromised for a slice of bread instead of milk.He had his lunch and slept well and woke up to have 2-3 sips of milk.We again compromised with alternate foods.Bed time milk is his favourite though.He cried for the longest 15 minutes of my life.He begged and complained and was furious , but nothing worked with the bad momma , who sat still with a glass of milk. She kissed and patted but did not give him a bottle of milk.My little baby slept without milk and I cried with a broken heart while I fed him with a bottle of milk ,as he slept.

That was not all , he woke up with some bad cough.But mumma’s heart did not melt.Morning went without milk.Early in the evening though mumma was about to give up and was feeling pathetic when the little sweetheart came and kissed mumma.Soon after , he had about half a glass and that again made his mumma a little confident.

I have a bad habit of feeling happy a little too early.Not a single sip at night.I took off for today.I was optimistic that half glass may turn to one today.But not a single sip since morning.At around 3.00 he had a few sips through straw but that was all.To add to this ,now he is not having milk during sleep too. Can I feel more miserable in my life than what I feel today. A hungry little baby sleeping next to me and I being a BAD BAD MUMMA.

I feel like quiting.Not that I did not feel like this in past 3 days , but then I had a satisfaction that he is not left out hungry.Now that he is hungry since morning and had only half of his lunch , I feel miserable. I always thought I will not give up because then he will know how to get his things done , but then I guess he already knows that.

Please God Help!



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  1. Why Why? Are you trying to wean Aryan off the bottle? Isn’t he like a year old or something? Why the hurry?

    Pray tell me.

  2. ohh..he woke up with fever yesterday and so I had to quit.He is back to bottle.He has some fever even today.

    When is the good time.I thought this is high time.

  3. Swati don’t beat yourself. There is no time that can be called the ‘right time’ for anything. Amma, knows the best. If you think he is ready, he is ready. It is as simple as it.

  4. I tried getting Sonny boy off his bottle once he finished two, and from a boy who luuvvvvved his milk-in-the-bottle, he turned into hater of milk-in-the-glass. And bedtime milk became a strict no-no.

    Getting him to drink milk from the glass proved to be an ordeal for him and me, till I started spooning him MILK! To this day, if I want him to drink it fast, I sppon it to him, saving the long-drawn out drinking-from-the-glass for the weekends.

    But yeah, I know you have to start, and I also know all the other kids in the flat drink fine from a glass, so I’ll wait for the other comments and see how the lucky gals did it….

  5. Why the hurry to wean him off the bottle? He’s still so little – I don’t see the harm in letting him enjoy his bottle a little longer.

    Does he drink other liquids like water / juice from a glass? If he doesn’t he’s probably not ready to move from the bottle. But if he’s ok with water from a glass, you can try the milk too. Try with a straw, some kids like that.

  6. isn’t there something called a sipper which can be used to wean them from the bottle?
    If he is resisting perhaps he is still not ready. I suppose soon he may want to imitate everything his parents do and that may be the best time to give him a glass?
    But i am too old to remember when is the right time for these things – may be you know what is best.
    All the best in your efforts.

  7. I weaned my daughter off the bottle when she was two even though her doctor had told me to try at age one. Its easier around two because at that age they can get excited about sippy cups and can eat other things if not milk. Apple may have cried a couple of times but it was fairly easy at that age. I don’t remember having to struggle a lot.

  8. Probably many of u are right.May be he is not ready. I do not want to use a sippy. He can drink water from a regular cup ,whenver he wants to.At other times he will just spit that back. He wants to sip everything from a mug except milk.

    Well, he was down with viral again from a week now and has gone weak.So I have decided to give it a break for a month may be and then think afresh.

    His Ped says though,bottles are a good reason for frequent infections.

  9. Swati!
    My girls didnt trouble me much. But yes, my mom had a tough time with my brother. He was 3 when he was off bottle. I think you can give him some time but I can understand your pang and guilt 😦

  10. WIAN : *sigh*

  11. swati, thanks a bunch for this link 🙂

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