Excited or Mad ?

August 21, 2007 at 1:00 pm | Posted in Introspection | 15 Comments

REQUEST :Please please don’t call me “CRAZY” or “MAD” after you read this.

I came to Bangalore after my wedding and we hardly have any friends (apart from all of you in Bangalore) and relatives in this city.Though I like this city , for the weather , for my job , for the birth place of my baby and so many other things , I just can’t stop missing Delhi.The first and foremost reason is it takes just 2 and 5 hours journey to my native and to hubby’s respectively from Delhi (and its cost much lesser). There are a few more reasons though , like I feel a natural affinity to the city , where I learnt to be independent and earned my first penny.

So , the post is not about my love for Delhi or Bangalore , but its about me getting so so so excited about going for my yearly 2 weeks vacation to Delhi and our hometowns.NOW..you must be thinking I am going tomorrow or a week after. Nope ..I am going after 2.5 months :-OAnd why am excited today..coz we booked our tickets yesterday.Hehehehheh…remember the request I made before you started reading.

Well , thats me , I myself think I am crazy..but can’t help it.I am going for Diwali ,and I actually started planning about what I will be doing there.Who all I will meet.What all will Aryan do.How will Aryan’s cousins react to see Aryan.What would we all wear for Diwali and what not. Uff..what a stupid crazy female I am.

This habit of mine has disappointed me so many times.I get too excited and think too much into details and then I am seriously disappointed when I find others are not equally excited or when things don’t turn up as I want. I keep telling myself that I should not think too much , should not plan too much and in the end should not get disappointed too much ..but no use 😦 I cannot change my basic nature 😦

What do I do to help myself ? Do you really think I am crazy ..OK ..forget about the request on the top..and say it loud please.

On a second thought , is life not about the joy in these little excitements.May be I am crazy , but then I do find some smiles in little things.I get disappointed when things don’t turn my way and I cry over small things (coz I ALWAYS feel they are important ..unlike others) , but then I get over them very soon and see at the brighter side.
But still, may be I would want to change a little..*scratching my head*



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  1. Oh Swati πŸ™‚
    Dont worry!
    You are completely normal !!! I get excited too over simple things. and its ok. After all whats life without excitements! πŸ™‚

  2. I think even if I was in your situation, and getting to come to home on so little ocasions I would be just like you – super duper excited!

    So just enjoy this excitement and I’m so excited to meet you and aryan too!!

  3. You are not crazy! I go to my hometown oftener than you and still get excited.
    Have fun waiting, and hope everything comes up to expectations, Swati.:-)

  4. Hey Swati… Have a nice trip to ur native..This excitement will keep u going till u actually begin ur journey

  5. No – you’re not crazy – not at all πŸ™‚

    In fact, if you want my honest opinion, it is a blessing that you’ve still been able to keep that attitude going – of getting excited over small things etc… Really !!

    Hope you have a lovely time.

  6. Thank you all for such encouraging words..I feel better πŸ˜€ and even more EXCITED πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ HEHEHEHE

  7. such craziness is what makes life exciting … the feeling of fun-filled days ahead never fails to elevate our senses and bring a smile.

    I have been excited about the trip back home that has not even been planned! In fact my wife says that if there were a “frequent website visitor” program from American Airlines then I would have already become an executive platinum member! Hopefully, we will book our tickets for “home” in the near future … and live in the air till take off!

  8. I am like that too. I get excited about my India trip 5-6 months in advance when we book our tickets. Then I spend 5-6 months shopping for gifts, planning what clothes I’ll take , who I’ll meet etc. Of course sometimes things don’t work out the way I plan because even though I may be on vacation people back home have to work …and then there are in laws to please …duties etc …sometimes I think the excitement and anticiption is more fun.

  9. Bhuwan , “frequent website visitor” program is hilarious but unique idea , may be you can suggest this to American airlines πŸ˜‰
    Your excitement is more reasonable ,coz this wud be your first visit after marriage and I know how you both would be looking forward to this vacation. So , do you plan for diwali or christmas ?

    Naina , Welcome to my space .True ,excitement and anticiption is definitely fun πŸ™‚

  10. Don’t be so harsh on yoursellf girl πŸ™‚
    It happens to me too!

  11. ‘But still, may be I would want to change a little..*scratching my head*’ — Pl. don’t change even a bit, Whats life without these small stuff that gives us the most happiness πŸ™‚ Happy vacationing!

  12. That is why it is called “home” because it inspires such thoughts and feelings at the very thought of it.
    When I have to go to chennai even for a couple of days I am so excited I tell everyone about it. So I think it is NORMAL.

  13. Oh!! you are so not crazy!!!
    I do that all the time and i’ve already started planning for the vacation we MIGHT have after my husband returns back in December!!!
    And missing your hometown is normal – i miss Mysore so much too and its only 2.5 hrs away from Bangalore…

  14. Its very very normal!!! I am right now excited about our India trip ( even when both me and Sunu are sick..I donno who she will be during travel) But the thought of going home and resting at my mom’s place is giving me more energy to get excited:)

    Yey! we are leaving tomorrow.

  15. Dame : Welcome here πŸ™‚
    rbdans , Usha, Pixie : I feel better.
    Nanhi Pari : Wow …where in India. All the best and get well soon.

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