Weekend was a weekend !

August 6, 2007 at 9:32 am | Posted in Just Like That, Movie | 2 Comments

We lived it in our own way.Three of us did whatever we wanted to with no schedules and hurries. Aryan slept for 6 hours during the day on saturday in two shifts which gave us ample time to do the cleaning.So I arranged Aryan’s cloths (summer cloths went in and winter ones popped out) and re-arranged the racks in my room.

Afternoon we slept to the fullest.Evening we had fun playing with Aryan.Late evening ,after Aryan slept, we saw “Hyderabad Blues 2“. The movie was good and we both enjoyed it.No big star cast but yet it kept us hooked in typical Nagesh Kukunoor style.

Sunday also it was cold and drizzling so we did not plan an outing.We played with Aryan and I stock checked my kitchen.After lunch Aryan had a good nap and then we went to buy our weekly grocery and veggies(a fixed schedule for each week). On the way back we bought VCD of “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom“. So we saw that during the evening and enjoyed.Nothing new , but yet an enjoyable movie.Lot of peppy music ,great star cast, typical Yashraj style. The day was closed with dinner of Aalo Paranthas with egg bhurji and curd…what more to ask for :-P.

So , that was all ..a weekend of rest , masti and ofcourse the cleaning 😀 Thats why I say , weekend was a weekend.



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  1. Heyy coincidence coincidence.. we watched Hyderabad blues -2 as well this past weekend!And congrats for completing 50 posts!

  2. Wow ..So did u like it ?

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