My Worst Nightmare and My Secret Wish!

August 6, 2007 at 10:39 am | Posted in Introspection | 5 Comments

Do you think you are scared of something ? What is your worst nightmare ? I don’t know when how and why but I have a fear of blindness.Not like , I feel that I will be blind some day but just that I feel that nothing can be worse than being blind. I simply cannot tolerate darkness.I am not scared of darkness like many of us and I can go in a dark forest alone but I don’t like it.I love the light and the colours.And I feel that their can be no serious punishment than making someone blind.It not only makes you handicap physically but also restrain you to see the beauty around.I feel the world is so beautiful and each one of us have a right to see and feel it.

I believe that our eyes are the most precious ,delicate and beautiful gift that God has given us.So ,probably thats the reason I wish to donate my eyes.Thats a secret wish and I have promised myself to definitely do so.Probably thats the best I can do with the little I have.I need to work on this.And this post is a reminder to myself.

Editted to Add : Reading NM’s comment ,I feel I could not express what I wanted to.Blindness is a nightmare for me.Ofcourse the blind have the courage to face that and be happy with what God has decided for them.God gives us a strength to overcome our handicaps.Handicap people are stronger than us in so many different ways.Everyday I see one blind female crossing the busy Airport Road with great ease.Just a matter of her practice.Happiness is just our perception. But then still I cannot imagine darkness forever.The thought is killing for me and I wish to bring light to someone.May be someone can utilize this gift from God, after I die.



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  1. Hmm.. I also used to think the same that nothing is worse than being blind. But somehow its us who feel so. Not the blind.

    Every year on August 18 we go to a blin school in Panchkuian and sponsor the lunch for the blind children there. We go and feed them ourselves. Feed in the sense that serve them and ask them for more as and when we see any item of the food getting over in any child’s plate.

    This meal is a ‘special’ meal as the school authorities call it. ‘Special’ meal contains of a paneer dish and maybe chhole, rajma or something else than usual Daal. You should see the smile on the face of the kids when they ask whats in the menu and when you tell them “matar-paneer’. Its just so precious to see them gleaming over the special ‘matar paneer’ which for us is a regular dish.

    Seeing them happy for such mintue things shows us that we acn also learn to be happy with whatever we have. And its us who are blind not to perceive the happiness in each little thing.

    I know maybe I’ve digressed a bit from your topic but this is what came to my mind instantly on reading your post

  2. I feel any handicap is worse when you’ve known what it is to be handicap free- be it blindness of deafness or muteness or being without limbs… you can’t miss what you’ve never known.

    But to have known the richness of it, and then to have to do without it is terrible…

  3. Just like that said it. I fear the loss of anything I enjoy now.

  4. I do agree with JLT 🙂

  5. Yups!
    Not being able to enjoy any of the five senses, is a tragedy in itself!

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