How do we protect our kids ?

July 25, 2007 at 9:48 am | Posted in Parenting | 6 Comments

I know it was never easy to raise kids and especially , well mannered ,well educated ,confident,independent and cultured kids with strong moral values.But is it not becoming increasingly difficult with each passing day or may be I have realized it now , after being a mom.Oh I know the topic is not new, we all have read and thought about it so many times before , mad momma did a post too, but this has been haunting my mind from quite a few days and I wish pen down my thoughts.

How do we protect our kids from the society ? We can spend money to educate them in whatever fields , but how do we educate them about the dangers from human predators ? And at what age ? With incidents like Nithari (which is not the only one of its kinds) and like the ones mentioned by mad momma and Trishna , no age seems to be early.I don’t have a daughter yet and I know these thoughts will haunt more after I have one , but then with this inhuman frustrated society , I guess I would need to educate my son too.

Yes, no one did educated us and yet we survived.But then many of us still carry certain black spots in our personality.Certain memories still haunt.Each one of us have faced eve teasing and harrasments from known/unknowns.There may have been times when we could hardly realize what we went through and later in life , there may have been times when we felt frustrated and yet helpless.Some of us may have shared things with our parents/friends/life partners while others would have carried it all the way in our hearts.Should our kids go through the same or can we do something to make their lives better.

Kids of this generation are learning early but thats what our parents thought about us too.Yet we faced what we did.Learning early has both advantages and disadvantages.Half the knowledge is even more dangerous.One of my friend shared this article today and perhaps that is why I am doing this post today.Even if we educate them against the frustated predators , how do we educate them (little later in life) about not making deadly mistakes.I am not going to discuss about whats right/wrong , we can have different opinions , but whatever it is , we cannot deny the need to educate our kids.How and when should we educate them ? And God forbid , what should be our reaction if we are one of the mothers from the article ?

These are some questions , I am struggling with. May be time will answer , as always. But then I hope it will not be late till then.



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  1. Worrying, it is. And I think I would be 10 times more worried of sexual abuse if I had a daughter.

    Casual sex just for the sake of having sex is totally unthinkable to me. I sure hope to instil the right values in my son. I wouldn’t so much mind if he were to go all the way with a girl he loves and is going to marry, but the other is a strict no-no as of now.

    Dunno how much times will changein future tho’. When it does, hope i’m big enough to assimilate that change into my life for the better.

  2. Like you I also get quite anxious when I start thinking on this topic. And lately this anxiousness has increased reading about things happenning with kids these days… the bad things that is.

    I also do not have any answer to thse questions that you have put. I’m also looking for them. And after thinking for quite sometime, I think during the course of time we will learn how to tackle certain issues and rest we will have to leave on destiny.

  3. The world is making me regret my pregnancy. Am I just producing one more victim? There are only two things we can do from our side. Teach our kids not to trust anyone beyond a certain limit, but still to respect others. In addition to keeping our kids safe, it’s our duty to ensure that it’s not our kids who become the villains of such incidents. And then, pray hard. Only God can save!

  4. I dont have answers to your questions. I am trying to find them out too 😦
    Just yesterday my daughter told me she wanted to join Orkut… I dont know what to do. I know I cant stop her. Maybe just keep an eye on her friend circle 😦

  5. The solace to me comes from the fact that you, me and many of us have a life today inspite of the kind of world we live in. So trust in the good god. I do not even want to think of it yet, just keep my eyes and ears open.

  6. JLT : Yes , going forward we would all assimilate the change into our life, as our parents and grand parents have been doing.

    nm : Yes I guess , this is all part of parenting and a normal anxiety of the responsibility in hand.Shaping a new life is surely a greater responsibility we ever handled before.

    Asha : You brought the other side of coin.Sure we have to make them good human beings.

    WIAN : Yep , but just take care , spying makes them insecure and uncomfortable.

    Sunita : True, we don’t come from a better world. I love your optimism.I love your blog for this reason , you always look at the bright side.

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