In memory of Cheeku

July 19, 2007 at 5:39 am | Posted in Memories | 4 Comments

This post is in memory of Cheeku,our dog.He was with us for about 7 years. During early 90’s we brought him home.He was one of the puppies from our Tauji’s dogs.We used to celebrate his home coming as his birthday(18 Dec). He was named cheeku by me and my brother (considering the famous character , rabbit from Champak and the puppy’s rabbit colour). He was a mix breed pomarian.So, he was not very hairy and short.On the other hand, he was tall for his breed.

Seven years is quite a long time. He was more than a family and my parents loved him as their baby. My brother used to tease Mummy that she loves Cheeku more than us.Though my parents were always concerned about hygine issues with dogs , and due to which , he was not allowed on beds and sofa , he had his own bed and matress.He would eat whatever we did. And he was always a healthy and active dog.

We used to tease him with mock fights and he would priortise his gang with mummy and then me. Sometimes mummy papa would go out to markets and my brother to his friends.Cheeku and I would stay at home and he would wail to go with them.I used to consol him by saying , you are here to give me company and he would happily sit on the floor , next to my bed/chair.He loved kids like anything.He allowed the neighbour’s 2 years daughter to do anything with him or his things and he would never bark at her and never let anyone to bother her.

In March 1999 was my cousin sister’s wedding and being the first wedding in family we were all excited and hyper active.On Feb 13th , my parents went for shopping and as they opened the gate Cheeku went outside.All of us failed to notice that. After some time , I realized that he was not at home.I called my brother , from play ground and he went searching for him. My parents also tried to search him all around the city after they came back(could not inform them , no mobile in those days).But he was no where.He could definitely found his way back , but someone might have kidnapped him.For days we searched for him.Then we left for the wedding. All through , we thought , if he would come back , escaping from the kidnapper.For years , whenever we saw any similiar dog , we would try calling him as Cheeku. But, we could never find him.

We have had dogs before and after Cheeku, but Cheeku was with us for longest and he is simply unforgettable. Some how , I sometimes blame myself for letting him go.I just hope , that whoever took him , kept him with love and care and he did not miss us for rest of his life.Considering a dog’s age , he may not be any more now.



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  1. Quite a sentimental post. Shows how much you loved him and how you were missing him today when you wrote the post. 7 years is surely a long time to get attached with someone.

    I also hope he had a good life even after he left you! So did you ever think of keeping another pet after he left?

    And do you plan to keep one in the future?

  2. Oh Swati, how sad that you did not get him back- for you and for him.

    I do hope he was treated well by whoever got him.

  3. oh so sad. I know how you must feel.

  4. nm..My parents kept another pet after cheeku , but he died quite early of some epidemic.And that was around my wedding.. 😦 Now they dont want any.

    JLT : Amen

    Usha : thanks

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