Woh Kagaj Ki Kashti…Of my Childhood

July 17, 2007 at 7:06 am | Posted in Childhood, Memories | 7 Comments

Remember the song by Jagjit Singh.I am sure you do , if you are a Gazal lover.This is one of my favourite gazals ever.Two reasons ,the words which brings nostalgia and memories and jagjit singh ofcourse.Some of my favourite lines followed by some memories :

kadii dhuup mein apane ghar se nikalanaa,
vo chidiyaa vo bulabul vo titalii pakadanaa,
vo gudiyaa kii shaadii mein ladanaa jhagadanaa,
vo jhuulon se giranaa vo gir ke sambhalanaa,
vo piital ke chhallon ke pyaare se tohafe,
vo tuutii hui chuudiyon kii nishaanii.

Our ancestral house was kind of a farm.We had a tubewell , lot of trees , some agricultural land,a dried pond,2 wells and a small house in the center. Though my father worked in a different city ,we lived there for 4 years in early childhood.Later also, we would travel to our grand parents in every possible small vacation and 2 months of summer vacations.I and my brother loved it there.Though the place was very much in the city , still we used to call it as our village.During summers even the other cousins joined us there and it used to be fun.

The tubewell was used to irrigate the lands and we used to utilize it for water play and bath. It was so much fun to follow the paper boats to the lands.We used to hide behind the walls , to see the squirrels closely and would immitate the ways she ate.Inthe afternoons , elders would sit under the trees(as you know , power cuts made it difficult to sit inside) and we would chase the butterflies.Climb up the fruit trees and fight over raw and ripe fruits.Make utensils from leaves.Collect broken glass bangles and make designs from them.Loved watching frogs and tadpoles when it rained.

At nights , we used to sleep under the moon (power cuts and the nice breeze) and watching the stars(sometimes counting too !!) and identifying constellations were my favourite pass times.Ohh how can I forget the competition of who catches the fire fly first!!

Ohh..I am lost ..stuck with words..Will leave here with few more of my favourite lines …

bhulaae nahiin bhuul sakataa hai koi,
vo chhotii sii raaten vo lambii kahaanii .



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  1. Quite a nostalgic post. The tubewell reminded me of the handpump in the aangan (courtyard) of our Ghaziabad house. We all sisters used to bathe under it in summers with each of us taking turns to pump it up! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. That is one l-o-v-e-l-y song, isn’t it? Coupled with the memories you write about, the last line gave me goose pimples.

  3. nm : yes..indeed. I am still nostalgic. BTW ..we also had a hand pump there and we use to pump for our mom , as she washed the clothes. Sometimes she would rinse at the tubewell and we would help her rinse.

    JLT: Oh yes I love this song and can listen to it a 1000 times (must have done a few thousand times already) more and i remember the words by heart.

  4. Very nostalgic post…

    I remember these funny quotes I heard
    “As we grow older, our bodies get shorter and our anecdotes longer.”


  5. Oh wow, who would n’t miss that life? Life in the city is so boring and monotonous in comparison.
    That is one of my most favorite ghazals too.

  6. this reminded me of our village house ๐Ÿ™‚ … i visited it this time when i was in india. beautiful memories. i was so much at peace with myself when there. no one lives there anymore. but it still stands in all its glory. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. what a post… i have never had a village connection hmpfff


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