Of Blogging and Confessions

July 13, 2007 at 7:38 am | Posted in Introspection | 7 Comments

I was giving a thought to it.Its been 3.5 months since I have been blogging.It started of , with penning down my thoughts anonymous.I was hardly bothered if anyone reads it or not.

But quite soon , I shared it with a few, whose opinion mattered to me.Then some strangers peeped in. People started writing their views about my thoughts.And I realized its good to give a second thought in light of what others have to say.I noticed that I mostly write about Aryan and his day care and things related to parenting.In fact quite soon , I started another blog , dedicated to Aryan’s activities and pictures.

But then, I have also done a whole lot of introspection on this blog.Confessions made to strangers , from my own posts and also by commenting on others (sometimes anon).I realized thats its easy to confess to strangers , who do not know you personally.Since you are hardly bothered , of what they will think of you.No matter what , we always want our friends and relatives to think good about us.Well , we do want the same from strangers , but then that hardly matters.

There is another ‘feel good’ factor about blogging.We mostly write , coz we want to talk or to be heard.So finding a comment in your post makes you feel heard. Though we all have family/partner to talk, but then with a life of today, do we actually spend some time hearing each other.When we talk, we talk about family , parents , relatives , kids, boss , job and everything else.But rarely about how do you feel today ? (except for when we are in real bad mood) or whats on your mind today ?Blogging gives me a chance to say it loud and clear , all my woes , my worries , my dreams , my joys ,my thoughts ..everything said loud to strangers and yes ! to my husband and a few close friends and relatives (since I do not write anon).

Next, is the thought about writing anon..Poppin and many others have done post on why do they write anon.They said that they can say anything and everything if they write anon and not otherwise. Some of them have shared it with their husbands and some of them with no one. They have a point and I do agree. I cannot be writing about a few things coz the blog is not anon.But I found I have been writing about many things inspite of the fact , for one, no one really bothers to read except the regular bloggers and second I can seek opinions from people who matter to me and I do not get time to speak one to one(sometimes I pester them to read some of my post..:D).But yes , I do yearn to blabber certain things sometimes and I know I cannot , on this blog.I have blabbered about some by commenting anon , somewhere to strangers again.

So, I wonder that may be I am here for long and may be I will start another one some fine day , which will only be for strangers..:)



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  1. Well, being anonymous in the net world or not, depends on how comfortable you are in handling strangers! After all, we keep meeting them more in the net world.

    As of now, I would prefer to remain anon.. maybe my opinion will change with time πŸ™‚ Cant say

  2. Hi Swati, Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. First time here. Nice straight ofrward post from you. Yeah true it gives you a chance to write out your feelings…yet I find it unsatisfying when I can get to know a person only so much once you keep seeing their life on the blog – you know them yet don’t know them. I don’t enjoy that feeling sometimes. I am still ambivalent about blogging – sometimes think of stopping it. But then I still like reading others posts – so don’t feel good about just reading and never writing any posts!

  3. Hi. Thank you for visiting. Keep coming πŸ™‚
    Nice and from-the-heart-post. Loved your writing and your son is cute.
    Most of my friends know about my blog πŸ™‚
    So, its not exactly anon – and yes, posting certain things is not possible, but I do put in almost everything about how I feel, think etc…

  4. Thanks for dropping by and the mention. Kept meaning to visit you but didn’t get around to it. Finally! Now let me go read. Two blogs that too !

  5. WIAN : The world is so big and yet so small.Yes we meet new people and sometimes we feel , it would have been good if we knoew each other except for just our blogs.

    Noon : Please don’t stop.You can meet people.Many bloggers are organizing bloggers meet.Join them if you wish too.BTW ..where are you ? Bangalore ..only if you wish to answer?

    Pixie..Thanks for compliments. Ditto your feelings.

    Poppin : Thanks ..happy reading πŸ˜‰ and I have taken up your tag.

  6. strictly no rants about family- extended or otherwise.:P

  7. JLT : hehhheheh πŸ™‚

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