The D (Day Care) Day !

July 10, 2007 at 6:50 am | Posted in Day Care, Parenting, Talks about Aryan | 6 Comments

I know some of you would have checked the page for this post.I know, I should have posted this before. But I decided to keep shut for some time about the topic.You can say I was sitting with my fingers crossed.Did not want to be happy too soon.

So the story goes like this.We planned to take Aryan to the day care on the ‘important monday’ (as Manasi describes it) ,i.e, 2nd July.We started preparing Aryan mentally for the change from Saturday by letting him know that he is going to have loads of fun with kids of his age all day and get a long car ride to and fro. So he will not be bored when Mumma Papa are not around and so on. God only knows though if he understood.

Monday morning , after bath , when I put the diaper to him ..he asked me “uuh ?” as if “why diaper ?” (we dont use diaposable diapers at home) and I told him that he has to go to school from today.He started getting clingy and making noise if saying ..”nooo ..dont want to go” ..but no crying.

Though Anupam will be usually driving him there , I wanted to join on day 1 but Anupam was somehow not convinced about me going all the way in a different direction.Me on the other hand wanted to give all the info about by baby , first hand to the care taker.

Well , I did not go and Anupam and my Papa drove Aryan to the place. The Paati(as I would call the care taker from now) was delighted to see that my parents are still around and she adviced Anupam to come back after 2 days.She said that 2 kids are not well and Aryan might get infection , so not a good day to begin with.With all the anxities over the weekends , sleepless nights and horrible dreams , we were pissed off , since the begining we were waiting for, had been delayed by 2 days. Now , 2 more days of wait.

All that happens , happens for good. I was allowed to join anupam to the place on Wednesday,4th July.When we reached there the maid grabbed Aryan from Anupam and rushed inside , while I was taking out his bag from the car.I updated Paati with his supplies and his habits to my satisfaction.Gave her a list of supplies. In my anxiety I did not realize that I did not even bid a usual bye , to my baby.I realized that quite late while we were returning and this guilt bothered me the whole day.He would have felt ,Mumma did not even tell me , if she will return or not like she does every day.

That day , I guess we could hardly work in our offices. I called Paati around 11.00 and she told me that he is fine and crying a bit now and then and had a banana. Around 12.30 Anupam called her and she told that he had lunch but did not sleep , not crying though ,lying on his bed quietly ,sometimes talking to himself. Around 2.30 ,he was sleeping and she planned to give him milk after he woke up.I sobbed in satisfaction when I heard that.

We planned to pick him up around 4 and both of us reached there at 4.00.He could hear us from inside as we said ‘Hi’ to Paati and he cried.When I took him in my lap , he cried and complained.I did not know how to console him , infact I wanted to cry I guess.So I held him tight in my arms for 2 minutes and he was quiet. Then he went to his Papa and complained again for few seconds. Soon we were on the way home , with Aryan in my lap , smiling and singing.

Will write another post about the next few days.

P.S: We used car seat for first time on monday , and that went well too.He enjoyed sitting and having a view I guess and we kept a supply of wierd things to keep him busy.



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  1. I tell you – he’s being such a sweet boy and not at all giving a hard time to his parents adjusting so well in the daycare!

    He’s such a pyaruu betu!

  2. had been wondering, then got busy with my own woes of maid doing disappearing act..!

    Glad to know he’s being such a sweetheart. Aren’t you relieved a bit?

  3. yes…nm and JLT , he is indeed pyaruu and sweet heart. I feel blessed.Touch wood.

  4. awwww…
    I can imagine the turmoil you must be going through!
    But Kids can adjust anywhere anytime! Its us parents who need time to adjust!

  5. Aww Swati!!I had tears in my eyes,when I read about your guilt for not having said bye…God bless Aryan.. he is soo sweet!!Ohh And the complaining bit.. is so cute!! made my eyes tear up again!
    Lotsa love to Aryan!

  6. Thanks WIAN and Trishna..Feels good to have you all around.

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